SHS students enjoy the sounds of summer


Madison Gomez

The Panic! at the Disco concert on July 12, in Noblesville.

Madison Smith , Reporter

Ah, summer. For most, summertime is full of fun and exciting activities, like fairs/carnivals, beaches, swimming and concerts. A summer concert is time with friends and family enjoying some music. Maybe dancing like a fool and belting out all of the songs without a care.

Indiana has had plenty of hit shows this summer and more are still to come later this month. Each singer or group creates their own atmosphere that draws in listeners and die-hard fans from near and far.

Some concerts can be more like a party, while others can be more laid-back.

Country concerts tend to lean toward the “party” side. SHS senior Tadumn Dodson saw Kenny Chesney with Old Dominion at Klipsch Music Center over the summer.

“It was crazy,” Dodson said. “Full of fun, excitement, music, laughter, dancing. All the fun stuff.”

One genre that lies on the “laid-back” side is classical music.  Senior Katie Beard went to Mallow Run to see the Carmel Symphony with The Three Tenors. Being a fan of classical music, this was Beard’s cup of tea

“It was pretty quiet,” Beard said. “I mean, it’s the symphony. There’s not a whole bunch of rowdy, yelling people. Of course there were some, but not a whole bunch!”

One concert in particular seemed to be popular among SHS students, and that concert was Panic! At the Disco and Wheezer.

“It was like, really crowded,” sophomore Kaitlin Arnold said. “But they all seemed like friends. Like even if they didn’t know each other, it was just a really friendly atmosphere.”

Arnold was one of many who went to see Panic! At the Disco and Wheezer over the summer at Klipsch Music Center.

So first there’s country, which tends to be more rocking and party-esque. Not to mention artist Kenny Chesney and his numerous songs based around summertime (see song actually titled “Summertime”.) Second, there is classical, which can be both relaxed and exciting depending on the song. Finally, there is alternative, which is a part of the rock family/genre, and therefore has a rocking, party vibe.