From classroom to runway: Student flies to New York


Photo Contributed by Payton Skirvin

Junior Payton Skirvin poses on a runway during a fashion show in New York. Skirvin models for the agency LModelz.

Hailey Boger, Reporter

After a long day of trying on clothes, taking photos and walking down runways, junior Payton Skirvin returned to her hotel in the heart of Times Square to rest for the next day of fashion endeavors.

Skirvin is one of the 250 models worldwide that were pre-approved to take part in New York Fashion Week. It is a semi-annual event that showcases the latest and upcoming fashion designs and trends. At 16, Skirvin is one of the youngest models participating at the event.

“It’s pretty exciting to only be 16 and to get this wonderful opportunity to reach my goals,” Skirvin said.

At the event, Skirvin tries on clothes and walks on runways to show them off, as well as meet with bigger modelling agencies such as Ford Models, IMG Worldwide and TRUE Model Management Agency.

Modeling is what Skirvin wants to pursue in life, so she considers this trip a great opportunity to get her name out there. She also wants to follow in the footsteps of her cousin Erin Wasson, who is currently a head model for the makeup company Maybelline and add her own twists to it as well.

Skirvin’s mother, Dawn Skirvin, has been very supportive of her daughter in her endeavors and sees this as a good chance for her to pursue her dreams.

“I just want her to be happy in whatever she chooses to do,” Dawn Skirvin said.

According to her mother, Skirvin was first interested in dance and later developed a passion for modelling after doing a photoshoot with a friend.

Skirvin doesn’t plan to stop modelling any time soon. In fact, she hopes to get better. She believes her New York experience has changed her as a person, inspiring her to take on healthier lifestyles and new morals.

“It’s made me realize that things don’t come easy and that you have to work for what you want,” Skirvin said. “You just have to remain positive through it all.”