What do you do in the fall?

SHS students enjoy a variety of seasonal activities during the fall.


Sofia Salas

This is a haunted house in Indianapolis. Fright Manor is on S Meridean St.

In the midwest, Autumn is a season that many people look forward to due to the many festivities. It’s the time of the year when the leaves change color, family and friends gather, delicious treats are made and people dress up as spooky monsters. To some people, there are many exciting and fun activities to do during fall break, but everyone has their own ideas and plans of how to spend fall break. With the diverse  population at SHS, students from a variety of ethnic backgrounds may participate in different activities during the fall season.  

With a two-week break from classes, students have the opportunity to  spend more quality time with friends and family. Junior Sharon Cung, a Burmese student, has lived in the United States for about ten years. She is looking forward to fall break so that she can spend more time with her family. Although she has not taken part in many of the American traditions of fall, she once went to a haunted house with her friends. For her, this experience was terrifying.

“I was scared,” Cung said. “There was a guy chasing me with a chainsaw and my sister lost her shoe,  and we had to go back and get it. It was the scariest thing ever.”

According to Cung,  it’s weird to go trick-or-treat during fall. In Burma, they participate in a similar activity that is done during the Christmas season.   

A number of countries have some type of traditions associated with “All Hallows´ Eve,” also known as Halloween here in the United States. Junior Hario Rivas who is of Mexican descent, celebrates a couple of major events in the fall. During this time of year, RIvas celebrates the Independence of Mexico, which is September 16  as well as the Day of the Dead on November 1 and November 2. The Day of the dead is a time to celebrate loved ones who are deceased.  Traditionally, family members clean and decorate graves and create elaborate altars to honor their deceased family members.  Rivas has had the opportunity to celebrate the Day of the Dead with his family in Mexico.  

“One time I went to Mexico for the Day of the Dead, and we went to the cemetery,” Rivas said. “We made an altar and put pictures on it with pastries and candles.  There are also huge parties to celebrate for the loved ones that passed away.”

During the fall, Rivas much like Cung, will take advantage of his time away from school to spend more time with his family, participating in both Mexican and American traditions. Rivas enjoys American traditions such as going to football games, halloween parties, and haunted houses.The crisp scent of fall and cooler temperatures encourage many people to spend time raking leaves and participating in outdoor activities and festivals. Sophomore Cassie Napier, takes delight in going on hayrides, picking apples at the orchard, hanging out with her friends, and going trick or treating.  “My favorite fall experience is probably playing in leaf piles,” Napier said. During this unique season filled with festivals and fall activities, students may want to take advantage of the events that Indianapolis and surrounding towns have to offer.  Be adventurous and try something new or exciting during fall break.