Encouragement overcomes college obstacles

Solutions found via motivation


Madelyn Knight

Two students listen to a representative from SCAD to hear about features it offers.

Lyndsay Valadez, Reporter


While many students from all around America want to go to college, they don’t always do so. Before attending a college or university, there are many obstacles to overcome. This can be accomplished through school offerings and family encouragement.

One student who is unsure about where to go and what to do is Mark Maddaloni. Maddaloni had started thinking about going to college since entering high school, but is not yet sure if he will go. He thinks options outside of college are worth his time too.

“You don’t have to go to college, but I think it really depends on the person,” Maddaloni said.

His family, however, has continuously encouraged him to go to college. And he isn’t the only one whose family has a say in what he, the child, does. Paige Hope wants to go to college wherever her family is living. Soon they will be moving out west and wanting to stay as close as she can, she wishes to attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Since her immediate family is so welcoming of her decisions,  Hope does not find that money will be an issue. Family has  played the biggest role so far for her as she decides where to go and what to do.

“My family is really supportive of my decision,” Hope said.

Holly Davis, another student, feels the same way with her family. They have inspired her and her want to attend college, specifically, Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Much like many other students searching for a place in college, money is a blocking factor of Holly’s.

“Money is a big issue when going to college for a lot of people not just me,” Davis said.

Franklin College recruiter, Wendy Hagn, believes that money should not be considered a problem, and if anything, not going to college causes more of a problem. When people don’t go to college, she thinks, they have a lesser chance of making money. She says attending college helps with getting a job to earn more money so, in the end the money spent on tuition is worth it.

Maddaloni, on the other hand, understands where the financially struggling find it hard to want to spend so much money on college. He thinks scholarships offered definitely help but has another feeling about student loans. To him, student loans can get out of hand and need to be under control.














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