Seniors haven’t had their pictures taken

Hailey Boger, Reporter

As the end of the first semester approaches, SHS seniors are nearly halfway through their final year of high school. However, while some wish to make it a memorable time, some SHS seniors may not even see their photo in the yearbook this year.

Around 260 seniors still have not had their yearbook photo taken, which is an unusually high number compared to previous years. This year, one day was designated for senior yearbook photos since they differ from the underclassmen pictures. If any seniors missed that day, they are expected to go to Prestige, the photo company and get it done on their own time. There is also a processing fee of $15 for the photos to be done at Prestige.

Senior Haylee Rich doesn’t believe this is the most effective way to handle senior yearbook pictures. While she simply hasn’t gotten around to getting her picture taken yet, she thinks the process is inconvenient for everyone.

“When it comes to the picture in the yearbook, I think it should be done at school,” Rich said. “It’s easier, and seniors already have a lot of stress on their plate.”

However, a full schedule isn’t the only explanation for the lack of senior pictures on the part of the 2017 class. For senior Aaron Blackwell, he couldn’t be bothered to get his yearbook photo taken and hasn’t gotten it done because he doesn’t want to be included in the yearbook.

“I didn’t plan on buying a yearbook, and I’ve been really busy,” Blackwell said. “I generally don’t like having my picture taken anyway.”

While having their picture taken may seem like a preference for the seniors, it has caused problems to rise within The Anchor, SHS’s yearbook. Senior Mildred Delgado, editor-in-chief of the Anchor, contributes the lack of senior photos to lack of responsibility.

Delgado says that The Anchor has sent reminders to seniors, put reminders on the announcements and even extended the deadline for senior yearbook pictures to Nov. 15. Yearbook production has also been slowed due to the shortfall of senior pictures.

“It’s frustrating because we’ve tried everything in our power to get seniors to get their pictures taken,” Delgado said.

Delgado believes that seniors haven’t taken advantage of the deadline extension or the day they had in school to get their picture taken. Despite this, she isn’t worried about the eventual outcome of the yearbook.

“It has slowed us down a little bit, but I think it will be okay,” Delgado said.