Cardinals benefit from student-directed One Acts on Jan. 12


Madeline Steward

Senior Jordan Baker, junior Alicia May, senior Taylor Kincaid and junior Coltin Faulkner hold hands and take a bow at the end of “Drugs are Bad.” Kincaid directed “Drugs are Bad,” and has been a apart of One Acts all four years of highschool. (

Sakuya Uehara

Directed by and completely ran by students, the cast and crew of One Acts had feelings of freedom, responsibility and excitement about their show performed on Jan. 12, according to freshman Jake Warfel and senior Dylan Shaffer.
“(One Acts ) kind of feel sense of freedom because we don’t have a teacher,” said Warfel, who played Joe in “Men Who Worry Too Much and Hug Too Little.” “I feel like it could be more fun.”
Junior Ryan Pennington, who appeared  alongside Warfel as Ted, says he feels One Acts makes it easier to get into theater because it’s only students.
Shaffer, who was one of the directors this year, agrees with Pennington and believes One Acts is really beneficial for all students who are involved.
“(I) have to learn how to balance (being friends with casts) and how to direct the show,” Shaffer said. “(I am) supposed to be their friends, and not cross the line when I talk to them.”
Another director, senior Courtney Hofmann, who directed “Super heroes” also thinks One Acts was really beneficial for her,  as she learned how to manage herself and the people in her show. At the start of the production, Hofmann says she would get frustrated quickly,  but throughout the weeks leading up to One Acts, she learned how to be patient.
“I get mad really easily, and I think that having to deal with all these kids who don’t listen occasionally, it’s nice to calm down and learn to breathe,” Hofmann said. “So that was nice.”
The total cast and crew for One Acts was roughly 50 students. This years’ directors were originally planning on having four shorter shows, however, because so many students auditioned, they adjusted  the plan into two big shows and two small shows. This was done in order to cast as many people as possible. Thanks to that, all the students who wanted to participate are now able to.
According to Shaffer, One Acts is a good introduction for many students into theater, because everyone is cast. Because this is a smaller production, most of the cast is underclassmen and it’s less hectic than a musical or play. All and all, One Acts is beneficial to newcomers in theater, and allows them to get the theater experience.