Trump dream sparks fear

News broadcast in dreamland leads to real-life concern

Chris Cox, Opinion Editor

When senior Bert Saunders was getting ready for bed, he was watching GNN and happened to catch coverage over the current President, Donald Trump. Saunders happens to dislike Trump, his views and the action he has taken so far during his presidency. As he rolled his eyes and thought about what the future would hold, Saunders laid down for bed and he entered his dream fantasy land where everything was unicorns and rainbows, or so he thought.

His dream self was watching GNN as well. The following is a transcript of the broadcast.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump has done many things within the first year of his four-year term. To recap this year, he has: blown North Korea and WASWAS, formerly known as ISIS, into oblivion, put a law into action ignoring climate change, built a wall around the whole continental United States, signed an executive order for building concentration camps for illegal immigrants and completely powered down Twitter.

The American public is outraged with the things he has done, according to Those who voted for Trump are in danger because those radicals who oppose him are now running around with a burning American flag cape draped across their back shooting people who have the sign “Make America Great Again” anywhere on their property.

Bonnie Javo, one of Trump’s opposers, has strong feelings about Trump’s recent actions.

“Mr. Trump is using his power to hurt me directly,” Javo said. “I can’t get on my Twitter to complain about it anymore, and now I don’t know what to do with my life. How will people know what I am thinking and feeling? I mean, I can’t talk to them.”

That is just one person who is in deep sorrow for American society now. People cannot go home and enjoy thumb cramps from scrolling on Twitter nor can they see any memes about Kim Jong Un. Through this tragic year we cannot quite foresee the future, but we can only assume that Instagram will be the next to go, followed by multiple countries being turned into Chernobyl who disagreed with Trump or even just said one negative thing about him.

When general Jorgen Von Strangle was asked about the bombings on North Korea, he said, “Oh this was just a masterpiece. We used everything we had, even the atomic bomb, but don’t tell anyone that. I was in charge of the droppings and was super happy to press that fat, red button.”

The aftermath of these actions were both good and bad. There were no more viral beheadings and no more Kim Jong Un memes. However, Antarctica melted completely, and no more illegal immigrants are allowed to come to America. There has also been a massive decrease, 67 percent to be specific, in the population of people aged 15-21 due to the shutdown of Twitter.

When Bert Saunders awoke from his scarily realistic dream, he had to check to see if Twitter was working or if any of it was real. He jumped out of bed and got ready for school and sped to school. When he got there, he immediately ran to the principal’s office and took control of the intercom and proceeded to relay the details of his dream to the entire school. Everyone was frantic because they all felt Trump would be ecstatic to turn the world into his party pad. The school worked at warning people with the lowest media coverage possible so as not to fast forward Trump’s plans at all.

As the students got to work on their bomb shelters, a random girl by the name of Bonnie Javo walked up and started helping. Saunders started freaking out and tried to build his twice as fast because he knew what this meant.

“Twitter will be in fact powered down, not to mention all of the other worldly disasters that will happen,” Saunders said when he saw Javo walking up. “No more World Star, no more unrealistic guy expectations and the worst of all… no more complaints. This means it is all coming true: the wall, the nukes, the concentration camps and the devastating shut down of Twitter. She is the piece where dream turns into reality.”