Ethan Vanover making his debut

Sakuya Uehera, Reporter


Despite the fact that senior Ethan Vanover has never acted in a play or musical at SHS,  the Spring production “The Beverly Hillbillies”, Vanover, was cast as  Jethro Bodine, one of the biggest roles in the play. Although this is his first time acting , he is not completely new to the  theater team. He’s been friends with theater students and theater director Barb Whitlock. He decided to try acting  because he wanted to try something new.

“I made friends who are in theater, and I met Ms. Whitlock a while ago,” Vanover said. “I just decided I want to try for this and see what it is like.”

According to senior thespian Dylan Shaffer, Vanover is doing good on this big role.

“He was very very nervous during the auditions, (but) he played so well, ” Shaffer said. “He fit the characteristics (of Jethro.) During rehearsal, he’s been doing pretty good.”

Vanover says one of the major obstacles he’s faced is memorizing his lines. Since this is his first time, he has to figure out how to memorize all his lines efficiently. Moreover, he got a big role, he thinks this is the biggest issue for him.

“I look forward to being able to say all the things I’m supposed to correctly in the play,” Vanover said.

According to Shaffer, he doesn’t know how to learn his lines. He says that it  takes time and has to be in many shows to know what works for him to learn his lines. Shaffer and other members are trying to tell Vanover that his lines will come to him eventually, and not to stress  out.

“(The) show can be very stressful, especially learning those many lines for the first time,” Shaffer said. “(But) he’ll be fine, He’s been doing great. I’m really excited to see him on the stage, having a good time for his senior year.”

The show will be on March 2, 3, and 4 at 7 p.m.