From keyboard to court

Twitter banter causes one-on-one game for all the bragging rights


Photo illustration by Logan Flake

JaVale McGee goes up for a shot as Shaquille O’Neal goes for the block. O’Neal shouted “too easy” as he proceeded to stuff McGee.

Justin Chambers, Reporter

When you think of the greatest centers in NBA history, Shaquille O’Neal most likely finds his way into your thoughts. Now Golden State Warriors’ 10th string center JaVale McGee is testing Shaq’s Limits. McGee is a supposed victim of O’Neal’s “cyberbullying.” O’Neal has his own segment of a show on TNT called “Shaqtin a Fool.” On this segment he shows weekly NBA bloopers, and McGee always seems to find his way onto the segment and was upset at that.

The big game happened on March 16 at 6:37 on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN9. If you missed it there is four more opportunities for you to watch it on the same channels at 5:16 in the morning every day this week. There was a bunch of trash-talking leading up to the matchup, but McGee was no match for O’Neal, the latter had a lot to say but could not really back up all the smack he was talking.

The monstrous O’Neal cleaned up in just about every stat you could think of except for taking L’s, the only thing McGee is better at than O’Neal. Home court advantage was handed to O’Neal because he won a coin toss at halftime of the Kansas State vs Wake Forest game on Tuesday March 14.

The seven foot one inch behemoth O’Neal was expected to win the game 900-3 and the betting odds were 1 billion – 1 that McGee would win. Some sports analysts and experts even thought that McGee may not even get the ball or a chance to score. Fellow big man and analyst Charles Barkley believed that O’Neal would win but not by as large of a margin as everyone else believed.

Some McGee hopefuls thought that he may be able to win the match. One of which was Devin Murant, who bet 8,000 dollars on McGee because they have been friends for about a year and a half. Murant was upset because he blew a whole bunch of money. Murant later said that he had injured his knee jumping out of frustration from the game.

“Shaq had just postered my main man JaVale so yeah I was mad and jumped up and when I landed a super sharp pain shot up my leg.” Murant said.
All in all O’Neal won the game 890 to -67. Yes, that’s right. O’Neal whopped on McGee so bad that the referees decided to give McGee negative points.