The Knollwood Boys


Alyssa Clark

The Knollwood Boys play at German Park for the SHS Alumni Association August 12, 2017. A woman holding a baby dances to one of their tunes.

Alyssa Clark, Entertainment editor

At SHS, English teacher Brent Bockelman spends his day helping students and grading papers. However, outside school walls, he can be known for playing guitar and keyboard for his band, The Knollwood Boys.

“We’re all big cheesy, 90s, sitcom junkies,” Bockelman said.

Bockelman and four other Southport alumni created The Knollwood Boys in 2005 for recreational purposes, and has gained popularity since then.

As of right now, the band includes Brent Bockelman (keys, guitar), Steve Webb (bass, vocals), Quinn Starks (lead guitar, vocals), Kit Clouser (guitar, vocals) and they recently added a new member, Matt Winningham (percussion).

In 2010, they began to perform at shows, some major cities include Chicago, Nashville, and Cincinnati. However, according to Bockelman, his favorite places to perform are The Vogue in Broad Ripple and Hi-Fi in Fountain Square.

Next Saturday, August 12th, they plan on playing at German Park for the Alumni Association Benefit along with two other bands, The Blind Side Band and the Woomblies, some of who are also Southport alumni.

The Knollwood Boys has released three albums with the most recent one being ‘Beyond the Peonies.’

According to Bockelman, one thing unique about his band is that each one of them has a different style of music they appreciate.

“When we come to write a song, it’s kind of interesting,” Bockelman said.