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Hello! My name is Bridget and I am a senior at SHS. I am also the entertainment editor for the 2021-2022 school year. Since this is my first time being an editor, I am nervous and excited. However, I take comfort in the fact that this is not my first year being part of The Journal. I joined journalism class  my freshman year, and I then became a part of The Journal family  my sophomore year. I enjoy all types of writing. Journalism will always have a special place in my heart, but I also write fanfictions and original work. I publish my newspaper stories in The Journal and our website, and I publish my other work on websites such as ArchiveOfOurOwn and Wattpad. I write to escape reality. I don’t know where I would be without writing. This year, I am looking forward to not only improving my journalistic writing skills, but also having a chance to bond with my section! The Journal has always been a second home for me. Everyone feels like family. Besides the love for writing and The Journal in my life, I also love working. In my free time I work as a manager at Dairy Queen. I’ve been working there since I was 15. It was my first job. Despite the hectic schedule, I always make sure to get my things done one way or the other. I look forward to everything I will learn this year and more.

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Singer Billie Eilishs most recent Vogue cover, coupled with her new song Your Power show a different side of her. The song was released on April 29.

A power move

May 12, 2021
A new Bieber

A new Bieber

April 30, 2021
Riley Dance Marathon committee members meet to discuss plans for the marathon. It will be held on April 30 at Cardinal Stadium.

RDM in person

April 23, 2021
Jason Weaver, who graduated in 2017, taught himself how to play his own instruments while in recovery from ACL surgery. Weaver made the decision not to play sports again and chose to focus more on music.

Rise to fame

February 25, 2021
Shouses photography class takes on a new challenge. The class was tasked with mimicking the art styles of TikTok photographers.

Artist’s impression

January 25, 2021
A Steinway Model D piano is a hidden treasure from the music department. The piano has gone up in  to around $150,000 in value.

SHS’s hidden treasure

December 18, 2020
SHS dance team has a final showcase in their home gym. Pictured here are the dances receiving congratulatory flowers.

The show goes on

December 15, 2020
Stop the stereotype

Stop the stereotype

November 30, 2020
Riley Dance Marathon members sophomore Ben Henderson, junior Emma Meredith, senior Keely Sullivan, senior Jacob Kinney and junior Ellie Brown rake yards on Nov. 5. Raking for Riley was used to raise money for the organization.

Raking for the kids

November 12, 2020
With new regulations students have to follow new procedures in class. Students are pictured practicing while social distancing from one another.

Playing from a distance

September 29, 2020
Junior Cooper Heaton is the lead singer of Keeping Destiny. Keeping Destiny has five members total.

Rising to the Top

April 7, 2020
Booster club officers do their skit at a pep session.

The perfect officer

February 27, 2020
Fandom frenzy

Fandom frenzy

January 31, 2020
Worth the effort

Worth the effort

November 15, 2019
Senior Justin Tidd acts out a scene in the first act, in which he talks about giving a letter to character Lucy van Pelt. Tidd is the lead part, Charlie Brown, in this weekend’s musical.

Fitting in

November 15, 2019
All the feels

All the feels

August 30, 2019
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