With strong cast and structure, ‘Joker’ deserves Best Picture


The movie “Joker” is an amazing movie filled with physiological drama that ultimately builds on the DC Comics’ villain Joker while explaining how he came to be. In the film, there are many amazing scenes that create a side of Joker that wasn’t seen when the focus was on the heroes’ perspectives.

In the film, Joaquin Phoenix plays the main character Joker, and his acting aids in the depressing, yet engaging tone of the movie. Phoenix’s character is portrayed throughout the beginning of the movie as relatively sane. Joker, known as Arthur until later in the film, is a young adult who lives with his mother and works as a clown. One of the things that makes him unique at the beginning is his neurological disorder that causes him to laugh at inappropriate times. But as the plot thickens and events with work and his mother start to wear on Arthur, he can be seen going deeper and deeper into the Joker and spiraling into further mental distress.

However, the most intense elements in the events are not the blood or the actions, but the look in Phoenix’s eyes. I found his eyes held emotions that expressed the insanity of Joker. In all honesty, the eyes were what made the character so chilling. The pure hysteria that could be seen as Joker gave a cat-like grin tied several scenes together in a disquieting fashion.

Although the amount of blood and hidden gore is true to life, the movie is much more than special effects and makeup. Despite the realistic bruising and great angles to draw eyes to bloodied wounds, the movie creates a unique storyline. The storyline takes a character hated by heroes and starts twisting him towards a place where the viewers understand the character and start to sympathize with him. 

Additionally, “Joker” adds much more depth to the villain than other movies concerning villain backstories. In “Joker,” we find that the Joker has been lied to several times throughout his life that ultimately lead to him being placed in emotionally stressful situations.The buildup of all the lies adds to the strain to his mental stability. In most movies they claim the character is misunderstood and had a tough childhood, but they never let on that it was due to a psychological disorder.

“Joker” contained fresh storylines and subtle clues that reveal why the Joker is, in the end, psychotic. This makes the movie a truly brilliant work.