The Journal Rewired

The club did a team exercise to help with bonding for the members. On September 15, the mental health club had their first meeting.

Bring Change to Mind

October 2, 2020

School counselors Maragaret Tidrow and Tricia Bender say that they have gone through tough times and un...

‘I want people to know that they are not alone’

Sophomore Katie Wells says that her mom Susan Decamp supported her when her mental health was at an all time low. She says she's extremely grateful for her.

Grace Elder

October 2, 2020

The summer before seventh grade, everything changed for freshman Katie Wells. She began to struggle wi...

Expressing empathy

Expressing empathy

March 10, 2020

Mental illness has been an essential part of a high schooler’s career. If the student doesn’t have a...

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