Bring Change to Mind

A new mental health club makes its way into the SHS community


Sophie McKinney

The club did a team exercise to help with bonding for the members. On September 15, the mental health club had their first meeting.

School counselors Maragaret Tidrow and Tricia Bender say that they have gone through tough times and understand that students may think that adults cannot relate to them. They hope to show students that there is a support system for them and that they’re there to listen and help.

“I found that having that support system and being involved in something can be life-saving for many people,” Bender said.

In order to show this, they created a club called Bring Change to Mind, also known as BC2M. It is a mental health awareness club that offers support and a safe place for SHS students to turn to. 

According to Tidrow, the club is meant to bring awareness and education to students about the stigma surrounding mental health and illnesses.

BC2M had their first meeting recently, in which students had the opportunity to meet each other and participate in bonding activities. 

BC2M meets twice a month, on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that the different parts of the alphabet will have an opportunity to come in person. 

Freshman Magdalena Rojas Moranchel attended the first meeting. She says that she hopes to develop skills in order to help others with possible mental health problems.

“I want to give more advice to my friends and learn more about the club,” said Moranchel.

The club is planning on collaborating with other clubs, creating posters and murals and posting pictures and videos on their Instagram.

BC2M is also student-led, with their own form of student council and virtual leaders to take care of virtual meetings and students.

Freshmen Katherine Wells is president, Lily Carter is vice president, secretary is audra barclay, and Timothy Davis is virtual officer.

Members and sponsors say that they are hopeful for the future of this club and believe it can become something beneficial and great for people alike.

Senior Keely Sullivan is eager to grow this club. She feels that it can make a huge impact on the SHS community.

“I feel like we’ll learn a lot about mental health and get to hear people’s stories,” Sullivan said.

Both Tidrow and Bender agree that this year is a very stressful time, especially because of the virus. They hope that this club can help educate others on positive alternatives when dealing with tough situations. 

“There is always going to be mental illness,” Tidrow said. “And I think that it’s important that we constantly educate people on it so they understand it.”