math lab full-to-bursting, according to calculations

Math teachers finding it difficult to handle recent influx of students that need help


Logan Flake

Math teacher Christina Ferguson struggles to give proper attention to students during a recent math lab. “I love that everyone’s so excited for math and everything, but man, this is almost a little too much,” Ferguson said.

Emma Sprague, Reporter


Students can be found using the resources they are given by administration, teachers, and fellow classmates. One resource in particular that is offered to students is the weekly session known as math lab. These work sessions take place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. Recently, there has been an “overflow of students using this fine resource,” according to math teacher Geo Matree.

“There are so many of them.” Matree said. “I can not keep up with all of them. They are flying through problems left and right. Students should simply stop attending the help session. It is not worth the time and honestly it is a waste of gas. They understand the math they just come because the resource is offered. Who could pass up an opportunity like this?”

At the session, the “countless” number of students are helped by a teacher. According to student Billy Bob Joe, teachers are surprised when there is not a line overflowing out of the door.

Students have started camping out outside of the math lab. Joe has even purchased a tent so he would be more comfortable while waiting to be helped with math.  

“There are so many people that are trying to get help,”  Joe said. “I honestly forgot what I was standing in line for because I have been here so long.”

The sessions are also being held at PMHS. The purpose of the lab there is to house all the kids that do not have room at the labs held here. Another building was needed to supply help to the students.

“I’m just glad there are kids that are good at math here now,” PMHS principal Bert Doekicker said.