Indy Treasures: The Cake Bake Shop

Rae Updike, Reporter

In what used to be a normal cottage in Broad Ripple, a pastel pink, flower-ridden cake bake shop resides. The silk blossoms and glittered leaves upon entry emanate a magical world stumbled upon by sheer luck.

The Cake Bake Shop is filled with antiqued mirrors, French-inspired furniture and the welcoming smell of freshly-baked pastries. The pristine light marble counters and sparkling glass all around in addition to the white walls illuminate the entire shop, giving off a special occasion vibe I haven’t experienced any place else before. A few remaining spectacles from the holidays were still set up, such as large Christmas trees gaudied with swans, pink roses and pine needles encrusted with fake snow.

Not having a prior reservation upon arrival, I was seated at the bar facing the kitchen window letting all who wanted to watch master bakers create the masterpieces that customers  would soon be enjoying. I ordered the specialty drink, the Petal Pink Drink, consisting of pink desert pear, lemonade and lemon lime soda served over ice topped with a rose petal. Tasting exactly as the recipe sounds, the beverage, while expensive ($6.50), was worth it and not only for the photos. I then ordered the Chicken Salade Sandwich on a Butter Croissant, which came with an extremely tangy salad. The meal itself was excellent, but it wasn’t worth the price ($12.75).

Now, the dessert. Naturally, I ordered cake, more specifically, the Raspberry Champagne Cake ($12.50). It was three layers, the middle spaces filled with vanilla bean champagne icing, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries. The slice was almost too large to fit comfortably on the plate it was served on and ended up needing its own carryout box.

Our server, while very nice and patient, didn’t come around as frequently as preferred, making the entire outing take much longer than anticipated. After ordering drinks and food, there was a long wait before she came back to ask about dessert. After eating dessert, it was another long wait before she came back with the check. Sitting at the bar, while not bad, definitely wasn’t the greatest. Having a reservation would definitely be the better option to get good seating and possibly better service.

Overall, having experience here, I would definitely come again with friends along with a reservation. The environment and the experience is really great and is definitely something more people should check out.