Indy Treasures: Topgolf

Rae Updike, Reporter

Approximately 30 minutes north of SHS, near the IKEA just off of I-69 lies Topgolf, an entertainment venue with a high-tech driving range and a swanky lounge with food, drinks and games. Upon entry to the parking lot, visitors and members are greeted by blue LED lights across the majority of the frontside of the building reading “TOPGOLF” alongside an LED golf flag in Topgolf’s style target.

Immediately upon arrival, I could tell that this was more upscale and classy than any other sports complex I’ve been to. Walking in not knowing where to go, my group and I were met by a greeter letting us know where to go and what to do. At the counter, the worker asked for one of our names, asked if we wanted the first or the second level (we chose the second) and then told us our lane number and how to get there. Up the stairs and to the left was a long row of at least 100 marble tables.

Getting to our table and lane, we met another worker who then explained how to work the tech and the rules. Being about 35 degrees due to being half outside, we turned the three sets of heaters above us to high. Each member of the group filled out their information on the touch screen on the wall to create our memberships, costing five dollars.

The actual golf part of this experience was, while very entertaining, difficult, mostly due to the fact that I am no golfer. Nonetheless, it was fun to try the different clubs and attempt to hit the ball into the many targets spread out in front of us in the bay.

The building and bay are both directly off of the highway, meaning that the area you hit the golf balls is almost directly at the highway. Granted there is a very tall, but not closed off, net for those who are able to hit as far as the highway, everyone is still asked to not hit over the net.

After about five minutes into our game, a server came by to take our orders. My group and I split a chicken buffalo flatbread pizza, which was excellent, and $10.50. With 15 minutes left in our hour, a worker came to our table and asked if we would like to extend our time, but, balling on a budget, we declined. Within another five minutes all our bills were brought to the table. For myself, the split hour for the lane and the pizza brought my total to $16.29.

What’s important to know are that the prices aren’t per person, but for the entire lane up to six people for at least an hour. Opening at 9 a.m. everyday, the pricing gets more expensive throughout the day. Until noon, a lane is $25 per hour, noon to five is $35 per hour and five until close is $45.

All in all, the experience, service and outing as a whole was greatly entertaining and definitely somewhere I’ll visit again. It definitely “putt” a smile on my face the entire outing.