The answer to ‘Black Panther’ popularity

Logan Flake, Satire Editor

When senior Erik Monger ran to “take a pee break” during a “non-actiony” part of the recently-released film “Black Panther,” the last thing he ever expected to see was a crowd of almost 30 people squished into a lightless movie theater bathroom. Some sat on the countertops where the sinks were while others simply stood around in front of the stalls. Everyone present had one thing in common however: they were all staring up at an empty space of wall right above the urinals.
“At first I thought everyone’s showing had gotten to the same boring part that mine had gotten to and that there had been some kind of electrical failure at the same time,” Monger said. “When I saw a kid wearing 3-D glasses and snacking on a bag of Twizzlers, I started questioning myself.”
It was only after Monger started to push through the crowd of restroom residents to get to a urinal that he finally noticed what was going on.
“Everyone was giving me death stares and whispering at me to get out of the way,” Monger said. “When I finally made it up to the lavatory to do my business, I looked up at the part of the wall that everyone was so interested in. Being projected right above me was ‘Black Panther,’ in all of its epic glory.”
Dumbfounded, Monger eventually stumbled back to his theater (without washing his hands so as not to disturb his fellow movie goers). When the friends he had gone to the movies with asked him why he took 40 minutes in the restroom, he simply replied “I didn’t want to miss the good part” before telling them all about what had happened.
After the movie, Monger decided to ask one of the theater workers about what transpired. The worker told Monger that as a result of an overabundance of demand from people to see “Black Panther,” the theater had to start setting up showings in its restrooms at a discounted price to make up for the lack of space in the actual theaters.