Indy Treasures: Glow Golf

Rae Updike, Reporter

The many times I’ve visited Circle Center Mall, I never went to the very top level, or even paid attention to it for that matter. The one time I did however, I noticed the entrance to Glow Golf.

Glow Golf is essentially a two room, 54 hole mini golf course illuminated with black lights and neon painted courses and walls. For as many times as I’ve actually been, which is about three or four, I’ve only ever seen about two other small groups at the same time I’d been there. Coming for another round was no different this time.

The pricing is pretty reasonable for the number of holes you can play, as well as not having to go the route that’s laid out. Adults get in for $10, children for $8 and smaller children under the age of five and seniors get in for $5. In addition to the mini golf, there’s also a laser challenge maze room which essentially consists of lines of light the player must avoid to hit three buttons and get out of the room as fast as possible. My score didn’t even make the bottom of the leaderboard. One game for $3, two games for $5, and five games for $10.

While the entire place gives off a slightly sketchy vibe, it’s fun to be the only ones there and have the entire facility to yourself. Upon entry, the main desk is to the right, where the clubs are lined up alongside the balls racked up. Next to these is a cylinder pod where you put your golf ball inside, close the lid and then press a button which flashes a bright light onto the ball to make it illuminate brighter underneath the black lights. These cylinders are located all around the course so the mini golfers can refresh their glow at any time.

The walls are covered in neon-painted aquatic animals such as octopuses and giant turtles. These designs serve not only to create a more fun environment, but also to allow more light to see around the course. The holes are pretty much what one would expect, with mini hills, obstacles and even a working mini windmill. The end hole however is essentially a large game of plinko that after hitting the ball into the game, you either win and get a free pass to come and play again, or lose and get nothing.

All in all, it’s a fun place to go if you don’t know what else to do or just want something simple and fun with no wait time. Considering the number of times that I’ve been, it’s definitely something I’ll do in the future.