Indy Treasures: Pizza Junkiez

Rae Updike, Reporter

Pizza Junkiez is almost like any other take out pizza joint. You can call to order, there’s a drive through and an inside lobby leading to a counter where you can also order and wait. The difference though, is that not only does the place double as a coffee shop, Coffee Junkiez, but they produce many specialty pizzas, such as the grilled cheese pizza, dorito taco supreme pizza and many others that sound impossible to transform into a combination of the two.

The first step I took was trying to find a menu online. Unfortunately doesn’t allow it’s customers to do much but order online or send a thank you message. It’s also unfortunate that before their opening time, 10 a.m., customers can’t even view a menu unless looking at a picture of it off google images, not to mention the only location option for pickup is Kokomo.

The new location in Indy is 1121 E Stop 11 Road in what used to be an old bank. Walking in, it was obvious that the old structure had been kept from the previous owners with a small lobby and uneven ceilings. With tile floors and two metal rolling carts to the left filled with syrups and smaller snack items such as chips and candy, there was a menu between the two carts listing all the pizzas and food available from the floor to the ceiling. Above the counter was a menu for the second half of the pizzaria/coffeehouse. Both Coke and Pepsi products are sold there and a wide variety of traditional caffeinated beverages and specialty ones, for example a Milky Way mocha or an apple pie latte.

When it came time for me to order, I chose the 12” spinach chicken alfredo pizza for $9.95 and a 16oz frozen mocha for $3.99. The pizza, which sounds unappealing with black olives, spinach, onions and alfredo, was actually some of the best pizza I’ve had with a decent ratio of bread to topping, mainly with the edge pieces. It was different and quite enjoyable to eat what tasted like the food child of pizza and chicken alfredo, and I’m excited to try other goods from this joint in the future. The pizzas are cut in party style, meaning they’re squares instead of triangles packaged in a plain white box. The mocha was in a plain white styrofoam cup, and in all honesty, could have been a little bit stronger tasting more like a light chocolate milkshake than coffee.

All in all, even though there are some website difficulties, the food and drinks are superb, the location and design trendy and it was definitely worth trying something new.