Getting ‘Gotten’ is a harmless joke


Nowadays, there are many people that are entertained by the simplest things. I’d like to admit up front that I am one of those people. A simple game has been taking the world by storm for decades. Even though there are many people that find this game stupid and annoying, I believe that the finger circle game is a fun and simple game that anyone can play.

The game is quite easy. The players must connect their pointer finger to their thumb to create a circle and attempt to get other people to look at it. describes the game as, “an activity where one person makes a ‘circle’ with their fingers and holds it below their waist, convincing a second player to look at it.” When someone looks at the circle, they have been “gotten.”

Although this game might seem like a new fad the kids are trying to keep up with, it has actually been around for quite some time. After “getting” my family members one too many times, my dad explained that it was something that he and his friends did in high school. At a family event my grandma and my great-grandma both recognized the game from when they were in school. This got me thinking. I decided to research the origin of the game that plays a big role in my life.

According to the article, “Searching for the Man Behind ‘The Circle Game,’” on, it is speculated that the game was started by a man named Matt Nelson, who lives in Ohio. There is no solid proof that this game originated there, but it does make the whole concept of the game even crazier. A few weeks ago, I was speaking to one of my pen pals from Germany. I had showed him a picture of my bumper sticker that is shaped like the finger circle and he thought it was hilarious. It didn’t even cross my mind until now that the game has not only been around for quite some time, but it has also spread across the world.

I personally believe that sometimes the game can be overused and that is why some people find it annoying. If the game is used in moderation, it can be a lighthearted joke and can continue to spread across the world and entertain many more generations of people.