My Fair Lady recap


Noah Thomas

Junior Justin Tidd, the male lead, plays the role of Professor Higgins.

On Friday, Nov. 16, SHS students performed “My Fair Lady.” This three-hour play starred female lead Lilly Leslie as  Eliza Doolittle.

In the play, Eliza is trying to become a proper lady and to do this she seeks out Mr. Higgins, played by Justin Tidd. On her way to becoming a proper lady, she has to learn how to speak in proper English. Mr. Higgins keeps making her repeat her ABC’s all day every day until she gets it right. Eliza soon becomes annoyed at this.

After a while, Eliza starts to learn to say her Hs in a British accent instead of her Cockney accent. Both of which Lilly Leslie worked hard to achieve for the play. Throughout the play Mr. Higgins and Eliza have many ups and downs with each other.  They have resolved these issues by the end of the play

Throughout the entire play, one can see groups of students playing in an ensemble like. The ensembles are like the background characters. They help fill the scene and make it more realistic. The ensemble also helps with back up chords in the many songs in the play. One of these ensemble members is Kaitlyn Berry.

“I think it was one of our best run-throughs yet,” Berry said.

The programs for the play contain the names of the cast and crew for “My Fair Lady.” The program also shows the the senior cast members and principle underclassmen.

Looking through the rest of the program, one would find a section where friends and family shared messages to the actors and actresses.

Many of the cast members were seniors. Most of these seniors had been in many of the school’s past productions, like “The Little Mermaid,” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

“It was fantastic and I’m so happy I got to do this. I don’t think any of this would be the same if it were a different cast and if it were different directors,” Leslie said.