Cafeteria staff win Michelin Star


Cobalt Henson

SHS cafeteria staff anticipate the display of the michelin star in the coming month.

The SHS cafeteria staff are to be honored with three Michelin stars by famed celebrity chef Helen Stewart. The Michelin star is awarded to restaurants based on their quality.

One star denotes “a very good restaurant,” two stars signifies “excellent cooking worthy of a detour,” and three stars means “food worthy of a special journey,” according to TripSavvy.

Many students believe the cafeteria is very deserving of this award. Sophomore Carolyn Child has seen consistent and delicious meals coming from the kitchens of SHS.

“I used to bring my lunch every day, but I just love the cafeteria food so much I’ve started actually eating here,” Child said.

The cafeteria staff feel honored to receive such a prestigious and renowned award.

“Cooking for students every day is reward enough, but to also be recognized by national and international chefs is such a welcomed surprise,” a cafeteria worker that been on staff since 2012, Guy Ramsay, said. “This award will be etched in Southport history and we’re very proud to be receiving it.”

There will be a ceremony in March to present the official Michelin star plaque to SHS. PTEC will also be receiving a grant specifically to improve cafeteria conditions in all other schools.