ISTEP testing causes schedule change


Assistant Principal Amy Boone

On Thursday, Feb. 28, and Friday, March 1, students will be in a single room for the entire day. This is a result of the ISTEP testing that is taking place on those days. Some students will be testing and others will not. These two days are not going to be colored because the testing will take so long and those who are testing would be missing out on two days of lecture, according to assistant principal Amy Boone.

Everyone will report to the room they were assigned in the letter that was handed out to them on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Those that are testing need a charged and updated chromebook with them and something to do after the test that doesn’t require WIFI. As a result of the different tests there will be testing happening all day on Thursday and Friday. Anyone who is not testing also needs to bring something that doesn’t require WIFI, like a book or homework because the administration doesn’t want the network to cause problems with the testing.

If a student isn’t testing they may apply for job shadowing or a college visit. If any student is wanting to do this, they will need to set it up, obtain a form from the office, fill it out and return it to the office. Boone says that if a student does not want to do something of the sorts then they may use the two days as a study hall.

The lunches will also be different. The lunch that a student goes to will depend on the teacher. The main office is trying to figure out which classrooms should be done with testing. Assistant Principal Amy Boone is one of those trying to figure out how the day will run. The same lunches will be eaten on Thursday and Friday.


“We are trying to be strategic about when we think certain groups will be done testing,” Boone said.