Dangerous degrees for dogs


As someone who has spent nearly the past three years of their life taking care of dogs, I have come to develop a strong passion for anything to do with dogs. All of my social media feeds are full of cute pictures and videos of dogs, and I just have to pet any dog I come across, so it is not a secret that I really just love dogs. There are times I forget that there are people out there who aren’t like me. Sure, there are the people who prefer cats or even snakes over dogs, but then there are the people who have dogs but they just don’t take care of them.

Summer and winter are two utterly opposing seasons, but they are equally dangerous for dogs. During those burning summer days where every step outside is a sweaty struggle, think of the dogs who are left outside in the brutal rays. Dogs who live outside need fresh, clean water and a good amount of shade to keep them safe. For long-haired dogs, it is important to keep them groomed and well-kept, but not shaved as their fur protects them from sunburns.

Even worse than leaving a dog outside is leaving a dog inside of a car. According to the Humane Society of the United States, with the window cracked on an 85-degree day, the car can reach up to 120 degrees within a mere 30 minutes, which can lead the dog to suffering from organ damage or even death. Dogs can suffer from heatstroke in just 15 minutes if they are left alone in a hot car.

Just less than a month ago, temperatures in Indiana dropped to -11, not including wind chill. As schools and even the postal service were closed due to the dangerous temperatures, some people started thinking of the animals left outside. It is a common misconception that a dog’s coat keeps them warm, and while it can help dogs keep warm, it is not enough to protect dogs from hypothermia or frostbite. It is a good idea to get dogs an actual coat or sweater to help protect them from the cold weather, or maybe consider bringing them inside until temperatures get warmer.

Through all seasons, it is important to make sure that pets are safe and comfortable. To find ways to be sure of this, be sure to look for signs of heat-related issues during the summer or hypothermia during the winter. Simply researching how to keep dogs safe in different conditions can help save many lives.