Back on the grind

Returning to school early is beneficial


Talking with my friends from other schools, one of the most discussed topics is how early I go back to school. Returning to school at the end of July has become normal for me, but with my friends going back in the middle of August, it used to feel like we got an unfair amount of summer break by comparison. But as summer came and went, I have realized that the positives of going to school this early outweigh the negatives, and SHS students should appreciate the benefits we get because of it.
This year, our first day of school was July 24, which means we got approximately eight weeks of summer. I was able to do a lot in those eight weeks, and if I had any more time, I would’ve probably run out of things to do. A longer summer would most likely make me procrastinate longer on my summer homework as well.
With this balanced schedule, we get two-week breaks in the fall, winter and spring. When I am very stressed out and in need of a mental break, I would rather have longer breaks during the school year. With a longer summer, we would get shorter breaks during the year, which wouldn’t be very beneficial to me.
According to The Charlotte Observer, a newspaper with a large circulation in North and South Carolina, missing out on a full two months of instructional time is harmful in the long run. No matter the learning abilities and level of individual students, losing that much class time is not beneficial to their growth.
We also have to focus on the economic side of this debate. Teachers do get paid during the summer but aides do not. Students with lower income will have the guarantee of three meals a day. SHS serves breakfast, lunch and “dinner” (right after school) during the school year.
I feel very grateful to be back in the swing of things this early. I feel more productive and prepared for the school year and I can’t imagine still being on summer break right now, completely bored and out of shape. Right now, in school I am a lot more social and productive. Going back to school this early was very beneficial to me and provides benefits for everyone else at SHS.