‘Legends Never Die’ review

Juice Wrld has a lasting influence on fans beyond the grave



The album cover of Juice Wrld’s “Legends Never Die” was released posthumously after his death on December 8, 2019.

From beyond the grave, the late rapper, singer and songwriter Juice Wrld was still able to touch the hearts of many fans. The rapper had a very successful posthumous album dropped by his team. The album, titled “Legends Never Die,”  was released on July 10th, and debuted to the number one spot on the Billboard 200 as fans were eager to hear from the late rapper again.

I was definitely one of those fans. Although most of the music on the album had been leaked before, that didn’t stop his fans from further showing their support for his songs. One of my favorites is “Smile”, a love song featuring The Weeknd that touched fans. Many people expressed that it inspired them to find love like Juice had with Ally, the late rapper’s girlfriend. This song was just one of many that showed an emotional side of Juice, and it showed that he wasn’t afraid to choose love anymore like he had mentioned in his old songs. 

A notice for the album was announced on the late rapper’s Instagram. His team handled all the promo and support for his album “Legends Never Die.”

A lot of fans expressed their love and adoration to Juice and his music all over social media with posts, artwork and comments on his Instagram account and YouTube channel. Celebrities and old friends publicly showed their support for the late rapper’s music, making sure to honor his work by showing support for his music and showing art that fans made for the late rapper. 

Juice was an amazing creator that helped a lot of fans fight their own demons and gave many the go-to sad songs when we were feeling low. He was able to turn his emotions and thoughts into pieces of music that were relatable to the rest of his listeners. Many have expressed how his music has kept them alive and pushed them to keep searching for a reason to fight for their lives. 


As great of an album this was, many fans that have kept up with Juice’s social media know that he has previously revealed that he has many songs pre-recorded and ready to drop. Many are hoping “Legends Never Die” won’t be the last piece we hear from him, and personally, I am patiently waiting for another album release to be announced by his team.