Back the Blue

The police force should not be defunded

If I were at a stop sign, a passerby drove by, pulled out a weapon and threatened me, I would want a police officer to come and save me. I imagine most others would want that too.

This is exactly why we need cops almost more than ever in these difficult times. That means we can’t defund the police, or reallocate or entirely get rid of police funds. Although there may be some bad officers, the police force is made up of human beings with real feelings. Everyone is just trying to do their job. 

  In my opinion, there are more good cops than bad cops. People are quick to say that every cop is bad when they are portrayed this way in the media, but a few bad ones should not ruin the force as a whole. 

In an article from USA Today, Errol Southers, a Black ex-cop, wrote that defunding the police would only make today’s political and social climate worse. Southers grew up during the Civil Rights Movement, and that is what made him want to be in the police force because he thought he could help after what he saw: firsthand police abuses and brutality against people who looked like him.

  Southers says defunding the police would take away programs police departments provide that are outside of day-to-day law enforcement.

So while people think that defunding the police would change their everyday lives or how police interact with them, it would actually change the programs that change people for the better. We would really be taking money away from initiatives that train young people to become good cops or to get them off of the streets. 

If people try to eliminate one or two bad cops, it wouldn’t make a difference at all because only one or two cops don’t make up the 100 officers at any particular station. 

To be fair, there are a couple of bad cops, like the ones who kill innocent people. And there are some who are simply rude when they pull people over. But a whole station should not be punished because of the one or two rude or bad officers. They should be able to exist in their job outside of those that give them a bad rap.