Choosing the best suitor

Netflix’s new hit show guides viewers through the courtship of high society



This match had viewers unable to stop watching Bridgerton. However, it ended happily with Daphne and Simon getting together.

A scandalous author, a handsome cast and the emotional plot line of “Bridgerton” have allowed for its success as one of Netflix’s new hit shows. “Bridgerton” has drawn a huge fan base all across social media platforms. And once I started watching the show, I realized the praise it was receiving was well-deserved. I could not stop watching. 

The lead of the show, Daphne Bridgerton (left), is a character viewers keep a close eye on. Her choice of suitors and decisions to make for her future kept viewers on the edge of their seats. (Bridgerton, Netflix)

There were many twists in this show, relationships that formed that had me on the edge of my seat wondering about their fates. But, the show left me with an outlook that choosing to marry out of love is a lot better than a marriage out of convenience. 

Always being perfect, well-mannered and being seen as “pure” are unrealistic expectations that still haven’t changed to this day, which drive much of the plot. 

Set in the early 1800s in London, the plot had lots of heated moments between the main characters. Viewers, like myself, were left wondering what the fate between the Duch and Daphne, the diamond of the season, would be. The story of their love is so conflicting, I honestly almost cried.

Heated moments consisted of hidden affairs and scandalous moments between the “innocent” women and their court. The show will leave viewers with feelings of anxiety or even hatred for certain characters, while adoring others. 

The show’s luxurious dances, beautiful ball gowns and  the crazy lifestyle of the young women fighting to find their suitors was very entertaining to watch. 

The show has set off trends across apps such as TikTok, ones as dressing like the characters of the show in corsets and ball gowns. There is an attraction to be a part of glamorous lifestyles like these in these trends, people are showing their efforts to mimic the show by prop or even falling into the habit of speaking in accents.

The show gives viewers an idea of what courting and dating looked like in old London.

As it teaches us the lifestyle of the past, watching the show from a modern perspective personally left me questioning some things. For example, marrying off daughters to suitors for money rather than love isn’t something that would be totally normal to me.

Overall, this show is a one-of-a-kind experience. From the modernized quartet music to the hilarious effort of suitors, it has been one of my favorite Netflix originals. Although it can be a heated show, regarding the secrets of the cast or their duels, I would definitely recommend it to anyone that had interests in love, even the old, forced kind.