Abolish the Electoral College

The National Popular Vote Initiative should be the standard in the U.S.


The Electoral College is a system in which a certain number of electors from each state, which is determined by the number of senators and representatives, collectively vote for a presidential candidate. 

This system does not allow for fair representation among all voters. With the abolishment of the Electoral College, there would be no circumstance where voters would feel as if their vote didn’t count. This is not only a huge problem on its own, but it continues to cause other problems within the U.S such as smaller voter turnout. This is just one of the many reasons why I feel like the Electoral College should be removed.

Instead of the Electoral College, the U.S should switch to the National Popular Vote Initiative, an agreement among states to allow for direct popular election and have the population decide elections. 

The Electoral College has been in place for the presidential race since 1804, and according to History.com, there have been five presidential candidates who have won the spot in The White House without winning the popular vote. Two of which have come just within the last 21 years. In my opinion, this number is way too high. The thought that a nominee can win the white house without the majority of American citizens voting for them is just another flaw within the Electoral College system.

This creates a notion of voters feeling as if their votes don’t matter. This is not only a huge problem on its own, but this also creates a problem with voting distrust and smaller voter turnout in upcoming elections. Personally, I would feel as if my vote didn’t count if the other presidential candidate won without getting the majority of the votes, the popular vote.

According to ElectProject, an information source about the U.S electoral system, before the 2020 Presidential Election, it was estimated that only around 50% to 60% of people were voting, I think had all voters felt as if their vote counted, the number would be much greater.

Some people would argue that the Electoral College shouldn’t be abolished because this would lead to rural areas not being represented as well due to the lack in population, however, this is simply how democracy is doing its job in representing the majority of the population.

Presidential nominees are seen campaigning almost entirely within the swing states during elections, which is due to the fact that the Electoral College creates a system where states that are considered to be already won are not a cause for concern. I believe that without the Electoral College, all states would have an equal opportunity to show their support.

Instead of the Electoral College, I believe the National Popular Vote Initiative should be the deciding factor of all general and primary elections. This will ensure a level playing field for all voters and will also give an equal opportunity for all states to play a key role in the presidential election.

With the removal of the Electoral College will come both good and bad side effects. But I truly believe that the good outweighs the bad. Democracy has been a cornerstone of the U.S. since its beginning, and although it should continue to be, that does not mean it cannot be corrected.