A promising participant

Sophomore is eager to engross herself in the high school experience


Sophia McKinney

Sophomore Jackie Coy warms up before track practice. Track is just one of the many activities Coy has dedicated herself to.

From playing the piano at age 5 to running track since sixth grade, sophomore Jackie Coy has been told to use her endless talents.

“My mom always told me that I can’t just quit things unless I really (can’t) do it,” Coy said.

 And with the various amounts of activities offered at SHS, Coy has taken advantage of the majority of them. This is mainly due to her eagerness to make the most out of her high school experience. 

Currently, Coy is a basketball and football trainer, a member of drumline and marching band and participates in ballet, lacrosse and track. 

Despite her busy schedule, she reminds herself that she wants to fully engross herself within the opportunities offered to her. She aspires to gain many patches on her letterman jacket. In the future, she wants to be able to tell her children about the fun she had in high school, not just the negatives.

Even though she has days where she regrets joining multiple extracurricular activities, she continues to stay because at the end of the day, she enjoys it

“It’s still fun to me because the positives outweigh the negatives,” Coy said.

Her father, Boone Coy, says he is willing to provide transportation and pay for what she needs in her activities. He supports her in whatever she chooses to do in hopes that it will bring her joy. 

“As a parent, you want her to be happy with whatever she does,” Boone said.

COVID-19 has resulted in many cancelled games and performances, but Coy has still learned some new skills. She wants to try lacrosse again this year since she wasn’t able to do much last year, and she is thinking about joining soccer next year.

Coy’s purpose for participating in a variety of sports is because she doesn’t want to sit around all day, especially in summer. She says it gets boring, and she would rather do something active. 

With little time left for school work, she often finds time to complete her assignments on the weekends. Along with trying to maintain good grades, stress plays a big factor and she has little time spent with family and friends.

She does take the weekends to complete her school assignments and spend time with her loved ones. On Sundays, she has family nights and sometimes they go out to eat.

Another obstacle Coy has faced is the narrowing of her friendships. She says she has drifted from her large group of friends, but ultimately gained a closer circle of friends. This is also due to the hybrid schedule because she is only able to see a certain amount of her friends on certain days.

Despite some of the hardships, Coy is still known for her optimistic and helpful personality. Sophomore Lydia Wisdom, one of Coy’s long term friends, remembers how Coy has helped her with homework and says she is a trustworthy friend.

“She always looks at the best for people and for the good in situations,” Wisdom said.

Treasuring the moments she created with her loved ones and skills she learned, Coy hopes to create more memorable moments and continue to make the most out of her high school years.