Speaking spiritually

English teacher discovers a new way of reading


Sophia McKinney

English teacher Paige Wyatt gives a reading to english teacher Dawn Fowerbaugh. Fowerbaugh wanted to know how her summer will go.

On her birthday last year, a fresh set of tarot cards were given to English teacher Paige Wyatt by her husband. That first deck has held a special meaning to this day.

 With her new gift, she was not only able to gain a new hobby, but she has also found clarity and connected to her spirituality.

“I feel like it helps give me some reassurance that my life is going in the right direction,” Wyatt said. “That I’m doing the best I can to be a good person and to help other people and to improve.” 

When pulled upright The Tower symbolizes disaster and broken pride. When pulled reversed The Tower symbolizes delayed disaster and fear of suffering.

With her recent interest in tarot cards, Wyatt took action by taking online classes, attended an in-person course, used Quizlet to study the cards, and began researching the history behind tarot reading.


Tarot cards are used to measure potential outcomes of the future. Each tarot card has good and bad meanings with intricate designs on each card.

For example, she said that pulling “swords” means something is causing a person anxiety, pulling “pentacles” is related to money, work or health, “cups” are related to emotions and spirit while “wands” are related to creativity and passion.

Wyatt uses tarots to connect with guardian angels or the forces watching over her, and she says she usually feels a tingling sensation in her head.

Practicing weekly and having done tarot readings for a year, Wyatt says tarot reading requires focus and intuition and takes a lot of mental and emotional energy. She says the mind should not wander, or it will mess up the reading. 

“You also have to trust yourself and your intuition,” Wyatt said.

The number of cards used in tarot readings does not matter but the most common spread, which is how many cards are used in a reading, is the three-card spread which includes past, present and future. She uses this when someone wants a general reading.

When pulled upright The Moon symbolizes illusions. When pulled reversed The Moon symbolizes confusion and fear.

Her friend of four years, Tiffany Shull, recalls the many times she has been read, and says that each time when Wyatt conducts her readings, the connection is stronger and feels much more on point.

“I definitely felt like she was in tune with what she was reading,” Shull said.

Shull also learned that she is more susceptible to suggestions than she thought she was. Many times her readings came true, and it blows her mind every time.

“I don’t think just anybody can pick up the cards and do it like she does,” Shull said. “If there’s a gift to have, she’s got it.” 

Wyatt conducts readings for her friends and co-workers, which are usually free. But strangers who wish to have a reading usually have to pay $5. 

Fellow English teacher Erin Ancelet had a 10-minute reading last September with the three cards spread that foretold she would have a prosperous future. Ancelet says she finds readings interesting since they are from a different point of view.

“It’s more interesting when somebody else does it because when you do it on your own, you definitely have your own biases on how you interpret it versus seeing someone else not really seeing what you’re going through,” Ancelet said.

When pulled upright The Two of Swords symbolizes denial and difficult choices. When pulled reversed The Two of Swords symbolizes anxiety and indecision.

Before school started during the pandemic, Wyatt did a reading to see how the year would be like. Overall, the reading said that the year would be rough because of COVID-19.

Using this reading to her advantage, she learned more about how to use technology and improve communication with students despite all the obstacles.

Along with tarot cards, Wyatt also enjoys doing natal charts, also known as horoscopes, crystals and Norse runes, which are similar to tarot card readings but more specific and there’s only 24 symbols.

As Wyatt continues to dive deeper into her spirituality, tarot cards will be an essential guide to her.

“It allows me to look more deeply into my flaws..,” Wyatt said. “And see what I need to work on, what I need to change and what areas in my life are going well.”