Hope for future seasons

Sports teams need to focus more on their career rather than the fans perspective of them


I was a fan of the Cubs before they traded everyone away, but when it happened I was saddened because they were most likely not going to make the playoffs this year.
But when I saw who they could draft and who is in their organization, it made me have hope for the future seasons. It made me smile because the Cubs will be back in World Series contention in a couple of years.
The Chicago Cubs traded away their stars they had on the team. Javier Baez to the New York Mets, Kris Bryant to the San Francisco Giants and Anthony Rizzo to the New York Yankees. The Cubs did this because their future is more important than the fans perspective.
All professional teams need to think this way because it will benefit them more in the end. When a team continues to get younger stars, I believe this makes the team more exciting to watch. The Cubs had their stars for about an average of nine years.
Those stars were good during their prime, but now they are getting a little older and are not as good as they were before. The management got rid of them and are trying to make their future better, with prospects. Trading these players opened up cap space for players in the future.
Some teams are starting to do this when their players begin to get older. DeAndre Hopkins got traded to the Arizona Cardinals from the Houston Texans before last season, not because he was out of his prime, but because they needed more money for future players who have a lot of potential. The Cardinals won this trade because they got rid of an old running back, David Johnson, for a good wide receiver.
The Los Angeles Lakers do this quite often. They will have an old player who is good and get rid of them for a younger player who can give more years for the team.
NBA star Chris Paul got traded four times after All-Star game appearances and he keeps getting traded for future draft picks to help the team in the future.
Although sports fans think sports are for them, all the players care about is what team will give more money and more years. While it isn’t what the fans want, it is what is best for the player and teams.
Stars get traded in order to benefit the team’s future, and provide them with more money for new players in later years. Professional sports teams like to get money for the future picks who will improve, and once that happens it will make sports fans like me happy.