“Donda” vs “Certified Lover Boy” Review

Drake and Kanye’s new albums do not live up to the hype


Drake’s album “Certified Lover Boy” and West’s album “Donda” side by side. The albums were released in September and August respectively.

The Drake vs Kanye drama has been a big topic in pop culture. The R&B artists have both recently released albums that are quite similar to one another. I am not a fan of R&B music so going into this, I knew I wasn’t really going to like the music. I still wanted to give it a shot though. 

Kanye West released his album “Donda” in August. This album was named after his late mother, Donda West. Although the music is different from his usual style of fast paced and upbeat music, the songs on this album all sound identical. 

The album starts with the “Donda Chant.” This “chant” is just repeating the word Donda exactly 58 times. There is no technical music. This is supposed to represent the fact that Kanye’s mother died at the age of 58. However, I believed that this repetition of a name, without beat or a melody, should not have been considered a song. It was boring.  

Although there is good meaning behind the album, such as the loss of his mother and divorce to Kim Kardashian, it doesn’t make it a good album. The songs are too similar and hold no interesting factors.

At the end of the album, there is a list of songs that say “pt 2.” These four songs are a “continuation” of the first part. In reality, they are the same song as the first part. Songs like “Jail” and “Jail pt 2” are examples. 

Overall, for Kanye West’s new album, I am not a fan. His music is very plain and boring. I didn’t find a song that I even slightly enjoyed. 

Moving on to Drake’s new album, “Certified Lover Boy,” released in September. I, again, ran into the problem of plain and boring songs. 

The difference between Kanye’s and Drake’s albums is Drake’s album actually has upbeat music that was somewhat tolerable. 

Another difference is that Drake didn’t name his album after his late mother. Other than that, these albums aren’t too different from one another. 

There has been lots of speculation with Drake’s album though. Some listeners believe he calls Kanye out in one of his songs. I don’t necessarily believe this, but I think it’s an interesting theory.

 There are questions as to why the albums came out not long after each other after Kanye posted Drake’s address on social media and Drake called him out over it. Listeners, myself included, don’t know if it was a coincidence or not.

These artists have both produced some great work in previous albums. I personally just don’t like the work they have produced recently.