Saying goodbye

Perry Township Assistant Superintendent retires after 12 years of service


Grace Elder

Bohannon cuts the ribbon to start the homecoming parade.

Thirty-eight years ago, Robert Bohannon, an aspiring coach, began his first of many education jobs as a P.E. and Health teacher at Perry Meridian Middle School.

What he did not know was that this position would set off a series of teaching spots and a love for the work that he did.

“I’ve been so very blessed and fortunate to be a part of this district…,” Bohannon said. “There have been a lot of people that I am so thankful for and their support for me over the years that I couldn’t even begin to put in words how many there are.” 

Bohannon has come a long way since the start of his career, and has many accomplishments and esteemed positions under his name as he plans to retire before this fall break.

He had always had a love for sports, especially baseball, which he had a fierce passion for. His aspiration was soon attained when was given his first occupation.

However, while he loved coaching, he grew an admiration for his job.

“I looked forward to getting up everyday and coming to school because I enjoyed teaching that much in my first year,” Bohannon said. “In all honesty, I’ve enjoyed every day since.”

Soon Bohannon’s position as the P.E. and Health teacher at Perry Meridian Middle School changed to the same job but at Southport Middle School.

He then moved up the food chain of the school and became the Dean of Students at SMS. After that he moved over to Center Grove High School as Assistant Principal from 2005 to 2006.

The next year, he became building principal of SMS, but has been the Assistant Superintendent for the district for the past 11 years. This final year is his twelfth.

“It was like drinking out of a firehose,” Bohannon said, as he described his first year as Assistant Superintendent.

His new job required plenty of new learning. The majority of his first year was finding ways to best support building principals, help administrators and pick up the functions of co-workers.

Bohannon’s lengthy career history has brought him many positive and elated lifetime memories.

Whether he was working with intelligent students as a principal, observing persistent student athletes or watching the work of the district, he felt jubilation.

“The greatest memories that I’ve had and the things that probably bring me the greatest amount of joy is just to see the accomplishments of the young (students) that I’ve worked with,” Bohannon said.

He has also made many close bonds with various coworkers, one being with his coworker of 11 years, Elementary Level Assistant Superintendent Vicki Carpenter.

Along with unforgettable memories, he has made lasting relationships with others, both students and teachers.

“He’s got a

relationship with people…,” Carpenter said. “He really cares about people, he enjoys being with people and I think people enjoy being with him.”

He has made a huge impact on the schools and buildings he has worked in. Bohannon has had many accomplishments in the district, some being helping student-athlete programs and expanding the AP ones.

“He’s made a big difference to Perry Township,” Carpenter said. “He’s made sure that no matter what our kid’s needs are that the focus is always on our kids.”

Bohannon has known the school since he was only 5 years old. While he is excited for a new era of his life, he will always be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this district.

He plans on moving to Florida to live with his wife but does not know what his retirement will bring except for travel and visiting his grandson.

“All of my experiences in Perry Township have been extremely rewarding,” Bohannon said. “Ever since the first day I ever came here (Perry Township), the district has really wrapped their arms around me.”