Looks aren’t everything

When looking for a partner, attractiveness is not the most important quality


Often I hear men and boys talk about how they would like to have a girl that has a fit body along with picture-perfect looks.

 I always wondered if there was anything more to that.

When looking for a significant other, people should not only look at their physical appearance.Their behavior and personality should be taken into account too. 

  First of all, people should be observant of how this person treats others. Do they treat others the way they want to be treated? It shows character.

I know that I’d want my partner to get along with my friends. They should value my personal time and not bash me for hanging out with others.

Secondly, I feel that support is something to look for in a partner. 

Responsibilities should be shared whether it be housework or the bills. It also goes to a deeper level, simply being there for each other. I think it’s important to find someone who loves me unconditionally. Someone who I can talk to about anything and will be fully listened to.

  Furthermore, success and determination should be taken into consideration. 

In my eyes, a partner should be intelligent, well-spoken, rational, worldly and successful. They need to be able to look at the world from different perspectives and be open to new ideas.  

To go along with success, maturity is also vital. An ideal partner should not make comments or jokes that are offensive. 

 I have noticed that in the past, people would try to joke about something that’s a really serious issue. It shows a lack of understanding and willingness to learn. 

Lastly, there’s trust. Significant others can cause heartache, but it’s important that they try to prevent it. They should offer a form of stability. This person should be a shoulder to cry on. 

In the moment, looks catch peoples’ interest, but in the long-run, looks change. Personality and soul are everlasting.