Sharing the crown

SHS announces two homecoming kings for the first time


Senior Trevor Chambers crowns senior Hector Gonzalez-Loza. The two are sharing the title of homecoming king. Photo contributed by Stacey Matlock

When senior Hector Gonzalez-Loza found out that he was nominated for homecoming king, he wasn’t expecting it at all. His teachers had nominated him without his knowledge, making this the first time Gonzalez-Loza has been nominated for anything in school.

“I was pretty surprised,” Gonzalez-Loza said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been nominated for something like that before.”

At first, he wasn’t sure what the big deal was and what it meant. He was more focused on soccer and his grades and didn’t think that much of it. 

However, after other students started making it a big deal, he began to realize how important it is to many at SHS. 

“Now that everybody’s been making a deal out of it, I’ve seen how important it is with the parade and everything,” Gonzalez-Loza said. 

But Gonzalez-Loza wasn’t the only king crowned this year. Senior Trevor Chambers was also crowned king, making this the first year SHS has two homecoming kings. 

Like Gonzalez-Loza, Chambers was surprised when he found out he was going to be king too.

“I was really happy,” Chambers said. “I didn’t think I was going to win…It was just a big surprise.”

The crowning of two kings this year was due to an almost tied vote between Gonzalez-Loza and Chambers. Because the votes were so close, Booster Club co-sponsor Stacey Matlock said that it felt right to crown them both. 

“I think it’s one of those things where they’re both wonderful kids, great kids…,” Matlock said. “And when there’s such an overwhelming number that voted for these two people, then you just know everybody would be happy for both.”

Even though they had to share the crown, both Gonzalez-Loza and Chambers said that it didn’t take away the importance and meaning of being king at all. 

“I feel like it’s just as exciting,” Gonzalez-Loza said. “And obviously I’m really happy for Trevor as well because he won as well.” 

Although having two homecoming kings isn’t traditional, Matlock thinks that these two students were fit to be an exception. 

“They are both well deserving of it,” Matlock said.