Unequal access

A person’s wealth should not be the main factor determining the future of ones career


Growing up I wanted to become a famous dancer, then that changed into an actress, a singer and finally a Broadway star. I had heard from multiple people that it would be hard for me because I don’t have enough money or know the right people.The cause of all of that is nepotism. 

Nepotism, according to Merriam-Webster, is “favoritism based on kinship.”  Another definition would be, “the unfair practice by a powerful person of giving jobs and other favors to relatives.” Also known as the gateway to fame. It is used by many celebrities the world knows and loves. It has stopped so many talented people from doing what they aspire to do. It creates empty hopes and dreams for ordinary people. For these ordinary people, it is hard to become famous. Some just give up, or they don’t even try at all. 

As someone who is one of those ordinary people, it irks me that it is harder for us to show off our talents and prove to the Hollywood industry that we are just as capable of these opportunities. 

This is nothing new, some Hollywood families go back multiple generations. Otherwise known as the Baldwin Brothers, the Berrymore family and the Deschanel family. Alec Baldwin was in multiple movies including the Madagascar franchise and the Beetlejuice franchise. His brothers are also in multiple TV series and movies. Zooey Deschanel is in a series called “New Girl” and her parents Mary Jo (actress) and Caleb (cinematographer) were also famous. 

With already having one person or another in the industry, they had an upper hand when it came to becoming famous. For example, Kristen Stewart’s father is a producer and her mother is a script supervisor, according to IMDb.  This allows for her to have a chance to know what certain directors want, know more about the movie/TV industry and just an overall understanding of how everything works. 

Now, I’m not saying that Kristen Stewart isn’t talented or other celebrities with famous relatives don’t deserve their fame. I am saying that they have a slight advantage over those who are equally or more talented than them just because of friends or family already in the industry. 

There is a one in a million chance of becoming famous for a common, everyday person. That probability can and does discourage multiple people from trying to become a notable actress, singer, comedian etc. 

 For someone who doesn’t have that extra help, it was hard at first. I never tried to do the things that I wanted. I thought that I couldn’t possibly make it without someone already in the “famous world.” 

It prevented me from starting theater earlier than I did, taking choir more seriously and expressing myself more. I didn’t do any of that until high school. Who knows what could have happened if I had started when I wanted to. 

Now that I have realized that anything is possible and that nepotism can’t stop me from fulfilling my dreams, I have become the lead of the musical. I get solos in choir, I express myself more and I keep my mind open and accept opportunities with open arms. I am excited to figure out what my future holds for me. Even if that isn’t walking the red carpet at a movie premiere or performing in front of thousands of people.