No tied endings

The NFL should change their overtime rules


On Nov. 14, the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers ended in a tie. Since 1974 there have been 27 regular season games resulting in the same trend.

I think that the NFL overtime rules should be changed because the game shouldn’t be able to end in a tie. 

The Lions got their first win on Sunday and if the game didn’t end in a tie against the Steelers, they could have had their second win. 

I think that each team should get a chance to score, unlike how it is now where if the team that wins the coin flip scores a touchdown. The other team should be able to match what was scored before them. College football changed their overtime rules this year. If it is tied after double overtime, they do two point conversions, which I think would be a great idea for the NFL.

Bleacher report stated, “About one in four overtime games ends with the losing team having had no chance on offense. The team that wins the overtime toss wins the game only a little more than half the time.” 

The college football overtime is more exciting because one team is going to win for sure and that each team gets an opportunity to score. 

Two point conversions are really hard to prepare for because teams only have three yards to go and they can make up a different play really quick. Some teams have trick plays that they use for two point conversions or really close to the goaline. For example, the Philadelphia Eagles did a trick play to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl called the Philly special that is very common now.

The NFL has rules that it keeps on going for the 10 minute session in playoff games because there has to be a winner to see who goes on to the next round. 

The NFL can keep the 10 minutes but each team gets an opportunity to score no matter what, and then they will go to college rules if it is tied after that. 

In 2018 the Patriots and Falcons went into overtime in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots won the toss, so they got the ball and scored a touchdown to end the game. The Falcons never got a chance to score in the first Super Bowl to go into OT. 

Although the Falcons blew a 28-3 with over four minutes left in the third quarter, I believe they should still have a chance to come into overtime to try and make it go into another overtime. 

I believe that the overtime rules need to be changed in the NFL to make games more interesting to watch when they go into overtime.