Portraying his life through songs

Country singer Kane Brown shares what shaped his life in his recent concert


Grace Wilson

Kane Brown sings onstage to his audience. Throughout the concert, Brown interacted with his fans.

I knew this concert was going to be special when I saw Kane Brown propel himself from the ceiling. That was one grand entrance. Brown performed alongside country music group, Restless Road and country music artist, Chase Rice. The show took place at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis, and it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. 

I won tickets from the radio station 95.5 WFMS while sitting in study hall last April. All of my work was done and I was just on my phone when I heard about there being an opportunity to win concert tickets through Instagram. 

I jumped at the opportunity. Brown is my favorite music artist and I was ecstatic at the thought of seeing him perform.

Restless Road opened for Brown. They were a newer music group that I discovered a few years ago, but they didn’t really get their name out there until this past year. 

They entered the stage first and were on stage for roughly 45 minutes before exiting. Rice got set up and was on stage for about an hour before he exited stage. Then Brown came out for the remainder of the show. The show itself was 4 hours long. 

The whole time I was listening to Restless Road and Rice, I was getting more and more excited for Brown to come out on stage. I had every reason to be. When Brown came out to the stage, he propelled himself from the ceiling of Gainbridge. It was the most creative way I’ve seen anyone come on stage. 

Throughout the show, Brown would tell stories before going into the song that told his audience about his life. An example of this was when he told of the abuse he received from his stepdad at 6 years old. His song “Learning” portrays the struggles of that time in his life through lyrics.

During the concert, Brown had a way of moving people with each story he told. How he got to where he is now is amazing. He has so many stories from when he was younger and he talks about how it’s shaped him to who he is now. He talks about how his dad left and how he wants to be there for his daughters, how he was abused, how he was going to go into the military and why he didn’t. All of these have been put into songs such as “For My Daughter,” “Learning” and “Homesick.”

Besides the tear jerking stories and the amazing entry on stage, Brown had a great show. He performed well and interacted with the audience a lot. At one point, Boomer, the Pacers mascot, came out on stage and performed with Brown. It was interesting to see because I don’t hear about sports mascots being a part of a concert so it was really unexpected and cool.

There were other points of the show where Brown sang other genres of songs like R&B and rap. He sang covers of songs like “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston and “Crank That” by Soulja Boy. 

The whole concert was fascinating to me. Hearing how Brown got to where he is, the stories that explain each of his songs, getting to see Boomer on stage, it was all amazing to witness. I would definitely recommend seeing Brown while he’s on the East Coast if given the chance. 

This experience was one I will never forget. Getting to see my favorite artist all because of me being very “productive” in study hall is something that will stick with me forever.