Earth’s mightiest movies

Storylines and production style gives Marvel Studios the upper hand in cinematics


For me, the question isn’t which is better, it’s why Marvel is better. There’s a number of statistics that will point to the clear choice such as, the box office ratings, rotten tomatoes and total earnings. It is also very hard to find someone who doesn’t share this opinion. Ask almost anyone and they will agree with me. It is very difficult to find someone who wants to argue the opposite, and even harder to find someone that can make a good argument for the other side. 

Marvel is one of the biggest and best series of movies that has all kinds of heroes, story lines both positive and negative and some pretty epic fight scenes. Marvel has been around since they first started making comics back in 1939. Following that, they released their first major movie in 2008, “Iron Man,” and since then they have released 26 different movies with all the storylines being connected to each other.

In 1937, DC (Detective Comics) started making their first comics that had a wide range of different stories. Their first major comic came out in 1938 with the introduction of Superman and another in 1939 introducing Batman. DC started making movies in 1951, when they produced “Man of Steel.” Since then, they have made 27 different films, most of which don’t tie into one storyline for other movies to build on and connect to. 

In my opinion, Marvel tying all of the movies together makes a much better experience for viewers. It gives them a storyline to follow that connects multiple heroes instead of just one or two. 

For non-Marvel fans, let me explain something about their movies. Marvel releases their movies in phases, which I like because it shows a few pieces of the story instead of the entire story in a few movies. The first phase was all the introductory movies for all our favorite heroes: The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor and The Avengers. 

Marvel has since had three more phases and is currently in phase four. This keeps their viewers coming back because there is always more content to watch. If someone doesn’t like one movie they’re watching, they have 20 other unique perspectives on the same storyline to choose from to find one they like. 

In the DC universe they have The Justice League, The Suicide Squad and a few others, but mostly it’s just those heroes. DC is getting started on other movies, but because they don’t connect the stories to each other, it makes it a lot less enjoyable to watch since we don’t see all the heroes coming together as a team to accomplish one main goal. 

Out of the 28 DC movies, 13 of them are all Batman features. This could be a great series of movies showing how Batman changes over time and keeps growing as a person and as a hero, but the movies are all broken up into smaller stories with each group following the same storyline over and over again all with different actors. Therefore making it hard to keep the story going with each one. Michael Keaton, Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck will all appear in films this year as Batman. This shows that DC doesn’t plan on changing the way it is making its movies of overlapping storylines. 

Marvel has created a huge community of fans ever since they first released “Iron Man”. From then on, the Marvel movies have just gotten better and better. There are 28 Avengers in the M.C.U., all of which have contributed to the main storyline in the Marvel universe while still  having their own perspectives and experiences. This allows them all to grow individually as people and together as heroes.