Introducing new teachers

Growing staff at SHS shares opinions and future goals


Rin Diki

Business teacher Ashley Quinlan helps students with their work on January 19. She looks forward to the school year.

Along with new changes implemented to SHS, such as the transition from two iPass sessions to one and the closing of the cafeteria during passing periods, the school has introduced many new teachers this year. 

Some of these teachers include social studies teacher Phillip Smiley, preparing for college and careers teacher Brendan Dudas and business teacher Ashley Quinlan. So far, they’ve had a  positive initial impression of SHS. They appreciated the diversity of the students body and looked forward to working with the administration, coaches and teachers 

Social studies teacher Phillip Smiley mentions that the nice atmosphere and how close SHS is to his house is what drew him in. (Rin Diki)

“I loved the atmosphere and vibe from staff and students. Southport seems to have a great culture and sense of community,” Smiley said. 

Due to the influx of new teachers, there weren’t enough classrooms for every teacher. Because of this, some of the new teachers float between classrooms or share classrooms with other teachers. 

This situation, however, has not necessarily been negative. Some teachers actually prefer it because having an office gives them the personal space they need while avoiding the responsibilities that come with keeping a classroom. 

“Honestly, I love it,” Dudas said. “I have so much going on that a classroom just feels like an added stressor at this point. I’m definitely #TeamFloater.” 

Preparing for college and careers teacher Brendas Dudas says he enjoys floating between classrooms. (Ryder Harris)

Some of the new teachers grew up in the Southport area and plan to be long-term teachers here. Along with this, many of them have goals they would like to achieve in their teaching career.

Quinlin says she would love to eventually sponsor a club or help more with RDM. Dudas says his goal in the future at SHS is to build a successful baseball program, which he is excited about. 

For some, they simply like the benefit of living close to work. 

“It is my intention to stay at SHS for a long time…” Smiley said. “It is great to work close to home.” 

Despite the unexpected changes due to COVID-19, such as the lack of classrooms and some possible challenges with student behavior, most of the new teachers are still very excited to be able to work at SHS and look forward to their future here. 

“All our new teachers are very fortunate to be at SHS…” Quinlan said. “Overall, it has been a wonderful experience so far.”

Business teacher Ashley Quinlan wants to sponsor clubs and integrate more into the SHS community. (Rin Diki)