2000s nostalgia

Are the trends of the 2000s as cool as we remember?


Most SHS students graduating between the years of 2022 and 2025 will fondly think back to their childhoods and remember trends and toys that shaped them. Even if these toys were left in the distant memories of childhood, it doesn’t hurt to reminisce for a little while.

1. SillyBandz

The first trend to be brought back in the year 2022 is SillyBandz. The answer for this is yes, these still live up to the hype created in childhood. SillyBandz were and will always be iconic. Trying to collect all of the ones you can and spending all of lunch, recess and even time in class comparing shapes with your friends was the best. It was an open, friendly competition to get the most and have cooler ones that your friends couldn’t get. Since there is such a vast variety of SillyBandz, ranging from letters, numbers, animals and even our favorite childhood characters, SillyBandz provided us so many options to match with our outfits. Throwing one on that matches your outfit every day would make for a fun, colorful accessory.


2. Nintendo DS

These were something kids begged their parents for on Christmas and their birthdays. It got to the point where it was hard to find games for them because the gaming system was in such high demand. It might have taken trips to three different GameStops before finding the game that was wanted, but it was well worth the gaming experience.

3. Password Journals
Password Journals were a way for kids to have a creative outlet that no one could see. When a password is needed to get into something, there’s a bigger sense of security and privacy. That’s what the kids who had one needed. Password journals probably won’t make a comeback. People on TikTok like trying to guess their password and open up their old journals to read it, and that’s probably all we will see about these journals.

4. Pokémon card Collection

Although no one knew how to play the older card game, it didn’t stop kids from collecting them in bulk. Instead of beating your friends in Pokémon battles, collecting the cards was what it was all about. A lot of trading went on at lunch and recess. I remember a time where Pokémon cards were banned from the lunchroom at my elementary school because they were causing a lot of arguing between students. If SHS students started to collect Pokémon cards again, it would not be as popular. The card game is more of a game we only enjoyed in our childhood youth. If they came back, it would make for another fun and, hopefully, friendly competition but would not be as popular as they once were.

5. Rainbow Looms
Rainbow Loom was a great way to pass the time back in 2014. When it came to making them, they could be quite fashionable if the right colors and design were chosen. These creations were another thing that could be traded at lunch and recess because they were so popular. Bracelets, necklaces and long chains of rubber bands were all things that could be made from rainbow looms. They have already started making a comeback on TikTok and other social media platforms.