‘Original Sin’

Thrilling season finale opens doors for incoming season of this Pretty Little Liar spin off


Source: HBO Max

On Aug. 18, the season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin wrapped up with an impactful and satisfying finale episode. With three other spin-offs of the original Pretty Little Liars series, people were left to wonder, is it worth watching?

With its thrilling mystery aspect and entwined family messes, it has the ability to leave people at the edge of their seats waiting for their questions to be answered. The finale summed everything up into what feels like an almost perfectly wrapped bow.

As the finale begins we see flashbacks to the Waters house, which shows us what happens before Angela Waters, played by Gabriella Pizzolo, commits suicide at a high school party. This is what causes the mystery man, A, to come out of the shadows to get revenge for Waters’ death.

Throughout the series, viewers can see that this is what drives A to torture the girls, yet they’re not even the key to the problem. It’s their mothers.

Throughout the season finale, the girls grow tired of A’s torture and decide to put an end to it once and for all. This comes with consequences for the girls and the moms because they decide to dig into places that shouldn’t be messed with.

Like, the Waters’ house.

As the girls arrive at the Waters’ house for more clues as to what happened to Pizzolo’s character, viewers can feel a sense of eeriness throughout this scene because no one knows what’s coming next.

As they continue to search the house, they find multiple hints such as photos and a height chart that suggest the idea that maybe Pizzolo’s character wasn’t an only child after all. This leads many to wonder how A connects to the Waters and why he feels the need to get revenge.

Although this is a big breakthrough for the girls to end A’s games, A decides to give his final attempt at revenge. This time is different though. Instead of going for the girls, A finally goes for the source of his problems, the mothers.

Source: HBO Max


While viewing these scenes viewers really get the sense of horror in the film, unlike the other Pretty Little Liars shows. It effectively gives people a thrill while the twists and turns of this story keep people in a loop.

By the end of the episode, it is found out who A is and why he felt the need to get revenge. And let’s just say, it was shocking. The filming of this show really adds to the thrill and excitement. Without it, the show would definitely not have the same impact. This adds on to why it was so interesting to watch the adventures of the girls through the lens.

Although throughout the whole show the girls never seem to get a break, the finale finally gives them that. According to TvLine, viewers and the characters soaked it up. Everyone seems to have a happy ending, except maybe A.

Even though this show was so exciting and fun to watch, the only issue is that it is hard to follow at times. With so many twists, turns, and side discoveries, losing sight of the main problem is very easy to do. The only way to understand everything is to make sure to pay attention to every small detail, which can be difficult to pick up at times.

So, the final verdict is that this show definitely has more of a thrill than other spin-offs, and with another season on its way, it will be exciting to see what the girls will have to face next. So, if someone had to choose which spin-off to watch, it would have to be this one.