Valentine’s 4 U

FIve tips for making Valentine’s Day personalized for you

Valentine’s Day. A day of joy, happiness and love in the air. A day where people come together with their partners to celebrate the love between one another. For those who have a significant other in their lives, it is a fun day. For others, Feb. 14 can be a dreadful day that recurs annually.
With things accessible for people other than couples, Valentine’s Day does not have to be celebrated with a love interest or a significant other. Here are some ways to make your Valentine’s Day custom for you to enjoy the occasion on Feb. 14.


Treat yourself

Shopping is something many enjoy, so taking the time to go shopping can fill the time of Valentine’s Day. Go out to the mall, different stores, restaurants, movies or even have a “spa” day for yourself. Going out and treating yourself is one way you can enjoy your own company. Not only are you buying new clothes and accessories, you are also showing yourself love. Material items don’t even need to be your Valentine’s treat. Packing lunch, going to the park or having a picnic are good options as well. If you want to have a quiet day, reading a good book at home, or even at the library is another option.

Stay in

Being inside the comfort of your own home can be relaxing. Sit back, order takeout and put on a movie while you eat. Staying in will help you worry less about whatever Valentine’s troubles are going on. Watching a movie isn’t necessarily the only thing you can do. Baking or cooking a meal for yourself are other ways to enjoy the occasion. Maybe even bring the spa to your house; buy some face masks, do your skin and hair care products, even nail care and some comfy pajamas. Put on music you like, take a shower and take care of yourself. You could even make these spa nights a regular occurrence.

Hang out with friends

Trying to enjoy yourself does not mean you have to enjoy time by yourself if that’s not your thing. Call up a few friends and set up a date with them. Being around a friend can be just as fun as being with a lover. Go out to the movies or out to eat. Some friends even get together to have a “Valentine’s” party to celebrate friendship. Having support and love around you is important any day of the year, especially Valentine’s Day.

Go out with family

As much as friends are important, family is as well. If being alone or with friends isnt how you want to spend Valentine’s Day, family members are always ones you can call to share a different type of love. Going and having family time is always a good option. You can do the same things with friends like going places, or just staying at home with them. A family dinner is a good alternative to going to a restaurant.

Staying away from social media

Relaxing at home alone, with friends or family without letting social apps get in the way is also beneficial. Put your focus on yourself or the people around you, and not on the outside. This will help with not feeling down about Valentine’s, not mess with your mental health and it will be good to just leave your phone down for a day. If you’re one to usually feel worried about what others are doing or what you’re missing out on, staying off your phone is a helpful alternative for you.