‘Soulful tunes’

An in-depth review into Daniel Caesar’s newest album

Album cover screenshot taken from Spotify

Album cover screenshot taken from Spotify

Daniel Caesar’s newest album, “Never Enough,” was released on April 7. After nearly four years since his last album release, “Case Study 101, he returned with the drop of an emotional and sentimental album that could touch hearts everywhere. 

With beautiful instrumentals and touching lyrics, the album begins with the song, “Ochos Rios.” In the song, Caesar sings about a girl who supposedly saved him from the struggles he may be facing and how he did not deserve her. The track list follows with 14 songs, all following a similar theme of expressing love and self exploration in all of its forms. 

The album offers different songs where musical artists like Omar Apollo, Ty Dolla $ign and more make an appearance. He also has a bonus version of the album where three songs that were originally in the album, “Always” and “Valentina” are added with the addition of Summer Walker and Rick Ross cameos. 

The first song that was released from this album before the rest of the track list as the album’s single was “Do You Like Me?” The song uses a more upbeat tune compared to some of the other songs on the album like “Cool” and “Always.” In the song, Caesar desperately wants to find out if the other party truly likes him. With this, he creates a relatable song for many of his listeners. 

The album is bittersweet and feels like the type of songs one would fill their ears with on the ride to school. 

The melodious tunes and soft rhythms of the guitar strums create the perfect atmosphere for late nights. The philosophical and personal lyrics that leave the artist’s mouth is enough for his audience to feel as though they’re listening to his diary. 

Overall, the album was worth the four years of waiting. Caesar created art with his soulful tunes, and his heartfelt and almost heartbreaking lyrics. His ability to relate with his listeners and create a comforting atmosphere never disappoints.