How-to: Get through a hard time

Tips for getting through struggles

Are you going through a time where you don’t think you can get through it?

It took me a long time to finally feel a little at peace because I did not learn how to get through it. Whether it is grief, trauma, family, school or work issues, these tips can help you. 

Having faith in yourself, staying healthy, balancing activities and reflection can help you find peace. 

Understanding your purpose is the key to dealing with difficult times that come your way. You are here for a reason.. If you’re a person of faith like I am, you can use it if you find refuge in it. Even if you are not religious, believe that you can get through it. Think of all the possible good things to come out of it in the end. Remembering people and things you love are an inspiration to do better. 

The next thing to be sure you can get through this hard time is to stay healthy. When we are stressed, our eating and exercise habits can deteriorate. Working out helped relieve my stress whenever the days were hard. If you do not like rigorous workouts, you can go on a walk and clear your mind. Regarding your eating habits, be sure you drink water, eat your proteins, vegetables and fruits so your body gets all the nutrients. 

Like food and exercise, you must also balance your activities. Be sure to schedule time to finish prioritized work, physical activity and free time. If one balances all of these, their stress levels can go down. However, 100% of your time should not be spent on work, physical activity, and free time. You must understand that you need to give yourself time. Making yourself busy with everything will not get your mind off of everything. 

Lastly, through all of this you should reflect on what you have gone through. Reflecting will not always trigger one if they think about what they have learned through this. Think about the beginning of when the problem started and look at yourself now. Ask yourself, “What did I learn from this experience and how will I use this for the future?” 

Remember that you have purpose, stay healthy, balance life activities, and reflect on yourself. This is a test that you’re going through in your life and you can get through it. What you are going through is not a bad life, it’s just a bad time of your life.