Top three coffee shops

Coffee shops you have to visit


As students and teenagers, studying usually takes a lot of time and students are always trying to figure out the most efficient ways to get our work done. Well, there is nothing more helpful than studying in a coffee shop with the perfect vibe to help you relax and turn your thinking caps on. Here are some of my top three coffee shops that you HAVE to try:

The Mocha Nut Coffee Shop: Located on Southport Road

This is a popular coffee shop that many students at SHS find themselves going to on a day of de-stressing or on a busy school day. The Mocha Nut is the perfect place to go everyday to get school work done when it feels like sitting in a cafe all day is the only way to get productive. This cafe has great coffee drinks and refreshers, along with yummy snacks like cookies and brownies for you to make sure you are eating well while getting busy. The ambience and environment of the coffee shop overall is extremely calming and just the perfect place to vibe. 


Bovaconti Coffee Shop: Located on Virginia Ave

This coffee shop is located downtown. It is a small coffee shop, but there are many seating areas for customers. This is perfect when students need a less busy ambience because there are usually less customers there. It has perfect study lighting and comforting plant decorations around the cafe. Although many people do their work here, there are also many people who go there for dates and just to hang out so bring a pair of headphones. 


Parlor Public House Coffee Shop: 

This coffee shop is also located downtown and is one of the most beautiful coffee shops downtown. The cafe has two levels, and their first level has many seating areas and tables for people to sit and relax at. Their second level is a more laid back version, with couches and lamps. 


These are just a few of the great coffee shops Indianapolis has to offer. These three coffee shops are guaranteed to give you the best studying experience.