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Tougher than plastic

An in-depth review of the impacting and powerful movie ‘Barbie’
Screenshot from official Barbie trailer on Youtube
Screenshot from official Barbie trailer on Youtube

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie, starring actors Margot Robbie (Barbie) and Ryan Gosling (Ken), was released world-wide on July 21. 

There was a lot of controversy leading up to the highly anticipated movie since the trailer was released. 

The basis of the story follows the life of stereotypical Barbie, and her boyfriend, Ken. 

At the beginning of the movie, everything was seemingly perfect until there was a rip between the real world and Barbieland. 

In order to fix it, stereotypical Barbie and Ken make a trip to the real world to fix what caused the rip, only to find that Barbie dolls didn’t have the effect on the world that they thought it did. 

They found that although the purpose of Barbie was supposed to solve issues such as sexism and patriarchal control, it did the exact opposite. 

  The Barbie movie really opened the eyes of everybody of how the world really is, and it showed the reality of how women in the modern world are treated. 

 Although it was expected that the Barbie movie’s target audience would be younger children, its true target audience seemed to be adults and in its opening weekend, the movie made $356.3 million overall. 

When someone thinks about a Barbie movie, they would typically think of it as a kids movie with magic and a storyline fit for a younger audience. 

But, considering this movie had many controversial topics regarding feminism and sexism, it seems to target a more mature audience. 

The majority of reviews for the movie are positive, at 87% on rotten tomatoes. 

One of the overall concepts of the movie was to not let a man define you, and they did a great job showcasing what sexism looks like in the real world today. 

It touched on sensitive topics such as women being used for their bodies and women being expected to do the most but not too much at the same time. 

The Barbie movie is seen mainly as a feminist movie at heart, and made an impact on women of many ages all over the world, opening eyes and minds to some of today’s concerns.

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Maddie Stutz
Maddie Stutz, Arts and Entertainment Reporter
Hi! My name is Maddie Stutz, and I’m a sophomore this year. This is my first year on The Journal, and I am an Arts and Entertainment reporter. Outside of The Journal, I am in the SHS drama club and will be doing the musical this year! After high school, I plan to make my way through college and medical school to become a psychiatrist. I want to be able to really help people who need it, and this particular medical field is the one that sparks my interest. Outside of school, I enjoy reading and watching movies/tv shows. My favorite shows are The Last of Us and The Vampire Diaries. One of my favorite movies is "Pulp Fiction." My favorite author is Sarah J. Maas, along with my favorite two series, "A Court of Thorns and Roses" and "Throne of Glass." I also really enjoy listening to music. I will do my best to put in my best effort and hopefully I can contribute great work here.

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  • L

    lucy len dimDec 12, 2023 at 10:51 pm

    omg this is SO spot on! this review says it ALL & I 100% agree that the Barbie movie is meant for everyone, not just for us girls. i LOVE this maddie, u go girl