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‘Terror’-ific Costumes

Easy ideas to look your best this Halloween

Picking a new yet trendy Halloween costume each year can be tough. Whether you’re going solo or with a group, the options are endless and overwhelming. But, if you’re struggling to come up with ideas, here is some inspiration that can get you started with some very cool and cute costumes.



Barbie is one of the most popular costumes this year. This look is inspired by the cowgirl outfit that she wears in the film “Barbie,” but you can also spice it up to make it your own.

What to Wear

  • One way to do this is to buy the full outfit at Spirit Halloween, although that is on the pricier side. 
  • Another option is to buy the pieces separately on Amazon or search stores for them. The top would be a pink vest and the bottoms are pink bell bottoms. For accessories, you’d of course want the white cowboy boots, a white cowboy hat and a pink bandana to tie around your neck.

Tinker Bell

Tinker bell is a classic every year. Whether you do it by yourself, with a partner or even a group of friends to do the rest of the fairies, it’ll look good every time.

What to Wear

  • You can find the full costume online, and Amazon has great options. 
  • If you’re looking for a DIY, a green satin mini dress is the place to start. This can be found at the mall or on Amazon. For accessories, fairy wings and a wand can come from any party or halloween store.
  • To spruce up the outfit, add body glitter, which can be found on Amazon or any makeup store, for that fairy effect. For shoes, flats work well, and adding a white puff on top really brings the outfit together.



Princess Peach and Daisy 

Princess Peach and Daisy is also a super cute option that may not be as popular this year. These outfits can be on the cheaper side for the duos on a budget. Both outfits only require three things to complete the look.

What to Wear

  • To do Peach’s outfit, you can find a pink mini dress on Amazon. 
  • For Daisy, there’s also good options for an orange mini dress online. Both outfits would look good with white gogo boots but it’s not a necessity, so any pair of white shoes work as well. 
  • Lastly, the crowns for each character can be found on Amazon for under fifteen dollars.

Despicable Me

Gru and his minion are for the funny friends. This costume will work well for any function whether it’s a duo or big group of friends.

What to wear

  • For the guys, wanting to dress up as a Gru doesn’t take much effort. You’ll need a black zip-up jacket with a gray and black scarf to match. The bottom half of the outfit consists of black jeans and black shoes. These could possibly already be in your closet, but if they aren’t, you can find all of the items on Amazon or at a store like PacSun.
  • A minion takes a little more work, but it’s still on the simpler side. The base of the outfit is a yellow t-shirt and denim overalls. You’ll also need black gloves, boots and the goggles to top it off. To go above and beyond, you could use yellow face paint and even a wig or temporary dye for the hair. 
  • Another option for this costume is doing the purple minions, which would mean switching the yellow to purple. This means wearing a purple t-shirt, face paint and hair dye. The accessories can be found at a party or halloween store, and the outfit can be found at a craft store or Amazon. 



Mean girls, iconic. No matter how you decide to dress up as characters from Mean Girls, it will always look good. This is for the main outfits of the Plastics.

For Regina, you’ll need a plain white tank top underneath a pink button up sweater. With that, a black mini skirt and pink or white shoes. Gretchen wears a pink sweater, a brown plaid skirt and black strappy heels to finish the look. Finally, Karen needs a pink mini skirt with a light pink long sleeve. The shirt also needs a purple bow in the corner to finish the outfit. To really tie all three looks together, make a burn book to carry around. All three costumes can be found at the mall, a craft store or a dollar store.


Powerpuff girls may be a kids show, but you can dress it up well no matter what.

What to wear


  •  All three girls can wear matching sets to look amazing together. The sets can either be a skirt and top or matching mini dresses.
  • Blossom is pink and should add a red bow to the hair. Bubbles is blue and should add blue ribbons to some pigtails. Buttercup is green and doesn’t need anything in the hair, but adding green extensions or spray hair dye would finish the look up nicely. 
  • – All three members of the group should wear white boots or shoes to match.


Dressing up as Scooby Doo characters is another versatile costume idea. A super cute option as seen here is dressing two couples up as the characters. You could even add in someone’s dog dressed as Scooby Doo.

  • For the first couple, Fred and Daphne, you’ll need a variety of clothing options. Fred has blue pants and a blue polo layered with a white sweater. His accessories include an orange bandana around the neck and dress shoes. Daphne wears a purple dress with a green bandana around her neck. Her accessories include a purple headband and purple pumps.
  • The second couple is Velma and Shaggy. Velma wears a maroon skirt, orange turtleneck, orange thigh high socks and maroon heels. To finish the outfit, throw on a pair of black glasses. Shaggy is seen with a green t-shirt, brown bell bottoms and black boots. 
  • All of these items can be found on Amazon or as full costumes at Spirit Halloween or Party City. To be a little extra, get someone’s dog a dog tag with SD on it for Scooby Doo!


Wizard of Oz is absolutely timeless and is  another option that can serve many purposes. This costume idea can be for the girls who only have a couple friends or the ones who like to roll with a big crowd.

  • Starting off strong, someone has to be Dorothy. It is easiest to just get her full costume at a party store or online. Add red sparkly heels and blue ribbons to finish the look.
  • The next character should be the Tin Man. The base of the outfit starts with a silver mini dress. To keep up with the “tin” theme, add silver gloves and a tin hat on top. Silver or black shoes will finish up the outfit.
  • Next we have the Cowardly Lion. A brown dress is a good start, with lion ears on the head and fingerless gloves that have the paw design on the palms. You should also wear white or black boots with this costume.
  • The Scarecrow is the last main character. You can wear brown or denim shorts with a flannel tied up. There should also be a straw hat with black gloves and boots. To go above and beyond, add some straw poking out of the boots and gloves.
  • The last two costumes, the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda, are for the bigger groups or to switch out with the main characters. Both characters should wear puffy dresses, which are trending right now, so it’s easy to find in stores. The Wicked Witch wears a black one and Glinda wears a pink one. The accessories for the Wicked Witch include a hat, a broom, black and white striped tights or thigh high socks and is complete with black boots. Glinda’s accessories include white pumps, a tiara and a wand.
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